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Health Benefits of Living in a City

Many are convinced that living in the city is unhealthy. But is this really true? Living in the city has health benefits that you might not expect. You can find them below!

Health Benefits

# 1 Accessibility on walking and cycling distance

In the city you usually do not have to travel far to reach a supermarket, school or restaurant. Locations are often close to each other. It is therefore ideal for walking or cycling to go there. Delivering such a physical effort has a positive effect on your health. Thirty minutes a day an increased heart rate already contributes to your health. The health benefits have a greater effect than the presumed disadvantages, such as inhaling harmful substances. Research shows that the effort of walking or cycling prolongs life, while inhaling dust particles does not make life much shorter (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving). A good reason so today to do your shopping on the bike!

# 2 Variation and amount of sports facilities

A few years ago they shot out of the ground: gyms, yoga studios, fitness rooms and so on we can continue for a while. Meanwhile, these facilities can no longer be ignored from the city. Two or three times a week of intensive exercise contributes to good health. The diverse range of facilities and sports clubs in the city ensures that everyone can find an activity that suits them. If you can also go walking or cycling here, you combine two advantages. So extra healthy!

# 3 Green city districts

It is not that cities do not have green. On the contrary. City parks are more popular than ever and are also well maintained by municipalities. A green environment is good for your mental and physical health. Nature brings you peace and helps to clear your head. This reduces stress and fatigue. A good way to relax is by, for example, taking a cycle route through a park. Furthermore, city parks invite people to recreation and exercise. Because parks are more and more often arranged with soccer fields and fixed fitness equipment, visitors can fully enjoy themselves in the green surroundings!

# 4 Outdoor games

Outdoor games in the city may not sound like an ideal combination, but if you find the right places, your (grand) children can still play around. In addition to the aforementioned city parks, where there are many opportunities for play, children can also enjoy themselves in other ways. In a lot of places in the city you will find small sports fields, where you can play football, basketball, hockey, etc. Furthermore, many cities have several skating tracks, where older children and young people can have fun.

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