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Fitness Struggles: Are You Already Training to Your Body Type?

In my previous article, I was talking about the things I enjoy, and one of them was sport. Or rather: IS sport. But when I started to think more deeply, I came to the conclusion that I obviously enjoy my training sessions (otherwise I did not), but that there are other reasons for me to swing the weights 4 times a week. One of those reasons is that I am blessed with a so-called endomorphic body type: in other words, if I do not play a lot of sports, there is 10 kilos in no time. And yes, even if I watch my food. Some girls have it all, right ?! Your inborn body type also provides fitness struggles in the gym. Are you already training to your body type?

Fitness Struggles

I have been dealing with my weight for as long as I can remember. Never have I been such a beautiful slender, slender, frail girl. Also no ball, but just. Not thin, say. And yes, that led to frustrations in the past. Lose weight, arrive, lose weight, arrive … I also wanted to be thin. Why? No idea. Because it was the standard, I think.

When I knew at one point what it was like – that everyone has a different body type and they can all be shaped in their own way – it was easier to deal with them. And yes, it is still a shit to always think if you do not eat too much and that skinny bitch best friend next to you just laughing three servings of vegan bitter ballen and order a fries with extra sauce. But my body type also ensures that I will always be nice curvy slim and have a muscular round backside HA!

But! What about those body types?

Yes, yes, I will explain it. Maybe you have already heard of it, perhaps not or maybe half. Within anthropology, a distinction is made between 3 different innate body types, the ectomorph (‘the slender human’) , the mesomorph (‘the muscular man’) and the endomorphic (‘the corpulent human’). They have everything to do with the genetically determined physique and composition that you received at birth. Your body type does not only say something about your posture but also about different characteristics of your body. The reason that I would never have such a ridiculously beautiful, ultra-tight washboard as some other girls who train so much, is partly because I am endomorphic. 

The ectomorph (‘the slender person’)

The ectomorph is naturally slim to thinly built. Often they have thin, long limbs and a somewhat dull chest. For the ectomorph, it is very difficult and time-consuming to build up muscle mass, but the advantage is that they also have hardly any fat mass. So many, often and large portions of food is no problem.

Enter for an ectomorph

If you want to cultivate muscle mass as an ectomorphic, you will have to work hard. Many calories work inside, mainly in the form of proteins, complicated carbs and good fats. This can be divided into 6 to 7 (medium) large meals per day. An ectomorph will also not quickly become fat if it often scraps junk food, but fat percentage is not just on the outside! There is also something like ‘skinny fat’, which is just as unhealthy as someone who is obesed from the outside! Unhealthy eating is not a good idea anyway when you want to work on your muscle mass.


The body of an ectomorph quickly burns calories, so when it comes to training, a lot of food will have to be eaten. Put your energy mainly in strength training with heavy weight and few repetitions if you want to grow muscles. Cardio is less important for an ectomorph, unless of course you want to run the marathon or want a healthy condition. Also great!

The mesomorph (‘the muscular man’)

The mesomorph is naturally smoother and often slim muscled without having to bother with it. I am secretly jealous of this physique. It is in terms of looks somewhere between the ectomorph and endomorphic; of those types with abdominal muscles and breasts and buttocks, indeed.

Feed for a mesomorph

A mesomorph can eat a lot, especially in combination with regular exercise. They should not eat too often unhealthy, because the kilos fly much easier than with an ectomorph.


As mentioned before, a cardio three times a week cardio plus strength training is completely fine. As a mesomorphic, you can well shape your body because you lose fat and muscle mass quickly arrives. Did I mention that I was jealous?

The endomorphic (‘the corpulent person’)

Hoera! There we are: the endomorphic. This body is naturally more rounder and simply has the most problems with grease storage. As a result, it is really a tragedy to lose weight for endomorphs and you get almost a kilo when you look at a bag of chips. But! If you persevere and continue, you can also build muscle mass relatively easily. You do have to allow a lot of snacks for that and you accept the fact that this is your body. I know, pretty shitty .

Enter for an endomorphic

It is sensible to pay close attention to your fat intake as an endomorphic, but in any case that you do not eat too much. It is annoying but true. It is important to eat smaller portions, spread over the day, to prevent snack attacks. Endomorphs must have a good breakfast and pay extra attention to drinking plenty of water.


Physical exercise is really incredibly important for this type. Start your training with cycling, swimming or walking and build up the intensity to half an hour. And yes, the daily movement really makes the difference. Since I’ve been sporting 4 or 5 times a week, I do not get in much quicker, but I still have to pay attention! Personally, I exchange cardio and strength training and I do sports that burn a lot, such as boxing and Tabata. Precisely because you build up muscle mass relatively easily as an endomorphic, it is important to work on it. Every kilo of muscle mass causes the burning of 100 calories every day, so you can eat just a bit more. But as much as an ectomorph will unfortunately never be …


The conclusion is that I absolutely train for my pleasure, but I also have to be honest with myself if I want to take good care of myself and stay on weight. And yes, I lost 15 kilos, but I did it for a year (!), Because there was no gram for the first 6 months! But it is possible. The same applies to the ectomorph: training a lot and arriving at very little muscle mass is shit, of course, but if you keep on doing it really works. I started to love my body type because they all have their own plus points. Once you know how to fine-tune and maintain your body type, you can start training. Sooner or later you will surely see your effort back in that mirror!

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