The Essentials for Effective and Easy-to-make Natural Makeup

The Essentials for Effective and Easy-to-make Natural Makeup

There are two principles I would like to share with you today:

1- it is not necessary to have a hundred makeup products to be well made up;

2- the best products are not always the most expensive … For example, Yves Rocher offers an offer both qualitative and extremely interesting in terms of price. Moreover, the brand offers very interesting sales at the moment. So, it may be worth it to renew her makeup kit. But no matter how!

The Essentials for Effective and Easy-to-make Natural Makeup

I can read that some have about fifty lipsticks, others collect the famous eyeshadow palettes just because it’s trendy, some try every week new beauty gadgets because the packaging is “so girly”. Certainly, it may be a pleasure for the consumer. I also feel this pleasure … but in the end, what remains? Lots of unfinished products piling up and who will end where? In the garbage?

In short, I am not a big consumer and yet I have accumulated far too many products in the last 10 years … I realized the magnitude when I had to empty my business to live abroad in 2018.

The observation is the following: I have the same beauty routine almost every day, I wear makeup the same way … it’s simple, effective and it’s enough for me besides great occasions.

I asked myself: what are my essentials? Here’s what I really need every day after cleansing and preparing my skin:

A foundation cushion: I use it on some parts of the face to subtly erase signs of fatigue under the eyes and some redness around the mouth and nose.

A mascara that lengthens the lashes!

An eyeliner to enlarge my eyes …

And the icing on the cake, this touch that makes all the difference and that I can never do without me: an illuminator! To bring the light touches to my face and give a boost in a jiffy.

I also advise you to use an eyebrow pencil to redraw them. Because the line of sight is fundamental in the structure of the face. I had my eyebrows tattooed a long time ago so, on my side, it’s one less product to buy.

All this is what I could call “my inescapable base”. And after that, I just have to add my ideal lipstick!


In total, that’s only 3 to 6 products to own in her daily makeup kit and enough to feel neat and radiant every day. At least we do not get lost, we save and the same beauty gestures that are repeated every morning become more precise and fast. Natural and effective!

When you know your ideal lipstick for your skin tone, that you know how to put the light touch on the right places on the face, that you like the way you do makeup every day, you do not need much of other!

In any case, it’s my philosophy: find its essentials, stay faithful to it, finish its products not to waste and test a possible novelty to replace what is finished … We should have more reasoned consumption and more aligned with our strict need.

The bulimia of make-up is revealing of a strange society where one always runs farther towards an imaginary ideal … As if to possess all this makeup could make us “become” someone else. While the real solution is: to be oneself!

And clearly, if you think carefully, since all these years to try makeup, you know what you like about you and what you do not like … You know what beauty gestures you like to do in the morning and those you do like not … And if you do not know, it is that you especially need to be guided to better choose and not to buy everything to try everything without knowing why …

So, are you ready to find your essentials? It’s more economical, it’s simple and effective. If you need help finding your fashion and beauty essentials, I invite you to follow my online coaching modules via the School of Style.

Damaged Teeth: How to Find the Smile?

Damaged Teeth

A beautiful smile is not just a question of teeth or whiteness! Moreover, everyone does not have the same idea of the ideal smile: some are embarrassed by teeth too far apart when others are happy with their “teeth of happiness”.

“Every patient is a unique person, with his story and his expectations. It is, therefore, necessary above all to listen to it in order to consider a result as close as possible to its request, “ explains Dr. Claude Finelle, dentist attached to the consultation of the smile of the Saint-Louis Hospital (Paris). The orthodontist can improve the alignment. The dentist can harmonize the shape, appearance or color of our teeth.

But Dr. Laurence Abtan, orthodontist, as well as Dr. Finelle, recall “that before any aesthetic treatment, it is necessary to perform a preparation of the teeth and ensure that all care has been done (caries, gingival inflammation …)” . Once the ground is prepared, the solutions are numerous but often expensive to find a nice smile.

Damaged Teeth

Broken, worn teeth: two techniques to fix them

If one has broken, worn teeth (irregular surface) or if their shape disturbs us (for example a tooth too short), two techniques are possible.


These are pieces of resin that mimic the color and appearance of the teeth. They are placed on (or in) the teeth by gluing. A composite tends to stain (avoid coloring products such as tobacco, coffee or tea) or deteriorate, but it takes at least ten years and is easily removed or modified.


These are small, custom molded ceramic plates that cover the visible face of the teeth. They mimic enamel very well and shine better than composites. And they are more resistant.

“The disadvantage is that they involve in 95% of cases to prepare the teeth by filing them, which represents a tissue attack,  says Dr. Finelle. To consider only if one is very complex or if the repair with a composite is not possible.

How many sessions and at what price?

To put a composite, a meeting can be enough: the dentist molds it directly on the tooth. For veneers, it is necessary first to pose provisional then to make footprints before putting the final facets. Count 3 to 4 appointments.

The price? From 800 € to 1 800 € the facet for a tooth (depending on the quality of the facet and the prosthetist), much less for composites (the price depends mainly on the time spent by the dentist).

These techniques can also correct for spaced or overlapping teeth. But we do not put facets if the upper teeth cover those at the bottom or if we grit teeth.

Stained or yellow teeth: abrasion and bleaching

A deterioration of the original color of the teeth can be at the origin of complexes.

Stop stains!

In case of stains due to dyes of the coffee, tea or tobacco type, descaling followed by polishing may suffice. However, in case of white or brown spots due to excess fluoride, the dentist will instead resort to micro-abrasion: he applies a paste based on pumice and hydrochloric acid and then rubs with a brush.

If the stain is deep, it uses macro-abrasion: it digs slightly the tooth to remove the stain, then the height with a composite. Bleaching does not act on these stains due to excess fluorine.

For whiter teeth

For a result beyond a few weeks, it is preferred whitening at the dentist kits sold in pharmacies. It offers an immediate result, which lasts a few months.

Another option, more durable, bleaching “outpatient”: for ten to fifteen days, we wear a tailor-made gutter, at night, after applying a gel. But you should never expect a bright white: “We keep the natural internal color of the tooth. The yellow will become light yellow … “ warns Dr. Finelle. Finally, beware of sensitive teeth and coloring products (coffee, tea, tobacco, beetroot, red wine …), to avoid during treatment!

Overlapping teeth: realign by orthodontics

Orthodontics realign teeth, regardless of age. First, an orthodontic check-up (radios, photos and casts) is needed to assess whether the treatment is feasible, to determine the options available and to estimate the duration and cost.

The Rings

Made of metal or transparent ceramic, they sit at the front or back of the teeth. “In adults, it is often the most discreet solution that prevails, so the rings on the inside,” says Dr. Abtan.

Avoid foods like chewing gums, as well as chew in an apple or sandwich. Finally, it is necessary to apply to brushing and use interdental brushes.

The gutter

Made to measure, invisible, to wear 20 hours a day and to change every 15 days. We take it off to eat. But you have to keep it really well.

In both cases, at the end of treatment, a compression system consolidates the result – night gutter and / or wire glued on the inner side of the teeth.

Anti-Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Food (paleo)

Anti-Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Food

Why is paleo an anti-pain diet?

This kitchen “anti pains”, also called the paleo plan, is a diet based on raw products, non-industrial, no grain and no legumes. That is, an anti-inflammatory diet. A real detox cure without the name!

Anti-Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Food

Knowing this “relief” plan and being able to do it in case of pain crisis (recurring or not) is a valuable asset to help your body better repair itself (without stopping your medical treatment). Many of you ask me what they can eat during acute crises, to “not aggravate”. This training is the answer to this question.

=> List of foods to favor (and cook in a delicious way) to know a life without pain (articular, intestinal, muscular). 
=> Plan of 5-10-15 days with menus and delicious recipes tested in the course 
(To begin again with each thrust, crisis, discomfort, blow of fatigue). 
=> Method to begin, to pass over the bad days and crackings, to continue, in spite of everything (with “days of celebration” and “rule of 80/20)! 
=> Recipes to do without bread, cereals, legumes … and get to eat paleo everywhere, including the restaurant or traveling!

During this day, you will cook, taste and you will have all the tools to understand and apply at home the paleo diet.

All About Fitness Supplements

Fitness Supplements

We see every day on the internet and social networks the promotion of fitness supplements that promise us faster results or a record muscle gain. What about, is it really helpful, should you take supplements and what supplements are really interesting? I explain everything in this article all about fitness supplements.

Fitness Supplements


So yes, we see all the athletes who inspire us to take supplements. However, the supplements are not magic and you will not see in most cases any noticeable difference in the short term by taking supplements. Be careful, this does not mean that the supplements have no interest.

 I have consumed myself regularly for a long time. But we must not have unrealistic expectations about improving results. To put it simply, the supplements are a little icing on the cake. It’s the little thing more. But this will only be a small part of your results. And most importantly, do not forget that supplements do not make the effort for you! They will simply strengthen and complement your efforts.


If the supplements are not magic, they still have interests to help you improve your results. Transforming your body requires time and a lot of effort, so it can be interesting to put all the chances on your side. 

Bodybuilding is a thankless sport that requires a lot of effort and commitment but it’s all the little things put end to end that will make the difference in a few months. So when should you take supplements? Well, in my opinion, the supplements must be taken only once everything else is already in place. That is to say when you already respect these 3 criteria:

  • You train hard several times a week
  • You have a balanced diet adapted to your goals
  • You have been practicing bodybuilding for a while

If you do not meet these 3 criteria, it is likely that taking supplements will be useless for you. And in any case, remember that supplements are in no way required to succeed! It’s the truth about fitness supplements to never forget!


This is one of the questions I am asked most often about fitness supplements. Well, there is no good answer to this question because it depends primarily on the type of supplements you consume. A supplement containing caffeine, for example, should not be consumed at the end of the day to avoid sleep disorders. 

The best is therefore to follow the indications recommended by the manufacturer. One thing is certain, one must take into account the assimilative capacity of your body. This means that depending on the supplements, your body assimilates them more or less easily. Consuming too much of a shot is often counterproductive, your body will not have the ability to absorb everything at once, so it will reject the surplus.

 Most of the supplements are therefore to be distributed in small quantities throughout the day, in several takes. Another thing to know, there are times of the day when your body will have a better absorption capacity. This is particularly the case when you wake up, your body will consume a lot of calories very quickly. That’s why breakfast is so important! And also around the training since you will draw a lot of energy.


This is one of the most frequent questions I receive. Is it good, what taste should I choose. Here too, everything depends on your personal taste! My darling and I both eat supplements but our opinions are sometimes opposed on the same taste! I love the cookie and cream taste when he hates it. I love Kale chips from Women’s Best but I know other influencers do not like the taste at all! Conversely, a taste may vary from one brand to another. It’s really a question of personal taste and it is often necessary to test several to find the one we like. 

But I want to tell you right away: most supplements are not delicious. If brands have made great progress, the taste is often quite synthetic. For example, chocolate fans are often disappointed with the chocolate taste of supplements. 

Do not expect that your protein shaker is a real treat. Most of the time the tastes are at best not bad! But do not forget that if you take a supplement , it is not a candy, it is above all a nutritional supplement. That’s a truth about important fitness supplements to know!


To conclude, we can say that yes, the supplements are interesting but that their effect is difficult to feel and besides that their real impact is difficult to measure. I personally consume it regularly but even after several years, I have a hard time really measuring its success. Again, the supplements will represent just 10% of your results. It’s really training and eating (by eating the right macros nutrients in the right quantities,) associated with perseverance that will give you the expected results. Nevertheless, if you decide to eat, here are some tips to follow.

  • Consume enough water. Water helps your body better absorb supplements and eliminate what is not consumed by your body. Remember to always consume 2 to 3L of water per day
  • Choose the quality. Competition is fierce on the supplement market and there are many offers as well as excesses. To avoid problems, check the quality of the brand you buy. The Internet will help you check the quality of the sellers or the chosen brand
  • Be careful with overdose. There is a range to consume for each dietary supplement. Below a certain amount, the impact will be zero. But if you consume too much, your body will not absorb them and you will throw your money out the window. In some cases, it may even have a detrimental effect on your body. Respect the doses recommended by the manufacturer and the recommendations of the health agencies. And do not forget to measure the doses contained in each of your supplements. If you consume booster and burner for example, there is a good chance that you consume too much caffeine for your body!
  • Learn about what you consume. It’s the game of marketing, the brands are trying to pull themselves together and try to convince you that such supplement is mandatory or miraculous. Moreover, we find everything and anything on the internet, everyone has his opinion, expert or not elsewhere. The best way to find your way around is to find out for yourself, consult various serious opinions and check the compositions of what you consume! And this also applies to the opinions of your favorite influencers! I have my ethic and I only work with brands that I validate and consume products. But some people will have a different opinion of mine, prefer other brands or products. If you learn to check for yourself the information you are given,
  • Escape miracle products! Never forget, if it’s miraculous, or we’re trying to rip you off, or it’s because these products are illegal and dangerous to your health. Do not be fooled by marketing and learn again to understand what you consume!

That’s it, you now know the truth about fitness supplements. They are interesting products in certain situations but which are by no means miraculous or must replace a solid food. So think carefully before buying and ask yourself if your money will be used before ordering. If you have any other questions about supplements, do not hesitate to ask them in comments, I would be happy to answer you and if you want to know what supplements you should consume, do not hesitate to read my article on which fitness supplements consume.

Choose Your Fruit Juice (or Vegetables)

Choose Your Fruit Juice (or Vegetables)

Eating fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities is mandatory to be in good health. But it is not always easy to eat enough and many are turning to fruit juices (or vegetables). So is it really a good idea? Are juices as interesting as solid foods and, above all, how do you choose them? I explain everything in this article to choose your fruit or vegetable juice.

Choose Your Fruit Juice (or Vegetables)


I get a lot of comments telling me that we replace our fruits or vegetables with juices. So how to choose your fruit juice? Indeed, for many people, since juices are composed of fruits (or vegetables), it is the same as consuming fruits or vegetables. Still, it’s not totally true! Of course, juices have many benefits. 

They improve hydration, they are easy to consume and, in one drink, it is often more than 2 to 3 fruits that one absorbs! Not to mention that children love them (and we know how difficult it can be for them to eat various fruits or vegetables). People suffering from intestinal problems, especially related to the digestion of fiber can also see a real advantage! However, when compared to solid fruits or vegetables, the benefits are largely in favor of solid fruits and vegetables. 

Not only do they contain more nutrients, but they also contain a lot of fiber that has a very important role in the health and the elimination of fat and the detoxification of your body. If in addition you follow a diet and you are often hungry, the fibers will have a much more satisfying effect than the juices themselves! If eating a fruit will calm your appetite, drinking a glass of juice will have almost no effect! For nutritious and healthy reasons, fruits are therefore much more interesting than juices! 

Nevertheless, I will explain how to choose your fruit juice the benefits are largely in favor of solid fruits and vegetables. Not only do they contain more nutrients, but they also contain a lot of fiber that has a very important role in the health and the elimination of fat and the detoxification of your body.

 If in addition you follow a diet and you are often hungry, the fibers will have a much more satisfying effect than the juices themselves! If eating a fruit will calm your appetite, drinking a glass of juice will have almost no effect! For nutritious and healthy reasons, fruits are therefore much more interesting than juices! Nevertheless, I will explain how to choose your fruit juice the benefits are largely in favor of solid fruits and vegetables.

 Not only do they contain more nutrients, but they also contain a lot of fiber that has a very important role in the health and the elimination of fat and the detoxification of your body. If in addition you follow a diet and you are often hungry, the fibers will have a much more satisfying effect than the juices themselves! If eating a fruit will calm your appetite, drinking a glass of juice will have almost no effect! 

For nutritious and healthy reasons, fruits are therefore much more interesting than juices! Nevertheless, I will explain how to choose your fruit juice they contain a lot of fiber which has a very important role for the health and the elimination of fats and the detoxification of your body. If in addition you follow a diet and you are often hungry, the fibers will have a much more satisfying effect than the juices themselves! If eating a fruit will calm your appetite, drinking a glass of juice will have almost no effect! 

For nutritious and healthy reasons, fruits are therefore much more interesting than juices! Nevertheless, I will explain how to choose your fruit juice they contain a lot of fiber which has a very important role for the health and the elimination of fats and the detoxification of your body. If in addition you follow a diet and you are often hungry, the fibers will have a much more satisfying effect than the juices themselves!

 If eating a fruit will calm your appetite, drinking a glass of juice will have almost no effect! For nutritious and healthy reasons, fruits are therefore much more interesting than juices! Nevertheless, I will explain how to choose your fruit juice If eating a fruit will calm your appetite, drinking a glass of juice will have almost no effect!

 For nutritious and healthy reasons, fruits are therefore much more interesting than juices! Nevertheless, I will explain how to choose your fruit juice If eating a fruit will calm your appetite, drinking a glass of juice will have almost no effect! For nutritious and healthy reasons, fruits are therefore much more interesting than juices! Nevertheless, I will explain how to choose your fruit juice.

5 Tips to Choose Your Gym

Choose Your Gym
  • When you decide to get into sport, going to the gym is often the best way to get motivated! But beware, if you choose your gym badly, you could quickly demotivate … Here are my 5 tips to choose your gym!

  • This may seem surprising, but it is for me the most important criterion for choosing a gym, especially if you are new to the gym! Resuming the sport is not always motivating so if in addition you have to cross the whole city, there is a good chance that the journey time becomes an excuse not to go. Personally, when I wanted to get back to the sport, I tested several sports halls, some of them quite far from home.
  •  And it was always a factor of demotivation when the room was too far away. Today, my room is 10 minutes walk from home and it’s been more than four years that I go, always with the same pleasure! So even if today you are super motivated, do not forget that it may not always be the case. Choose an easily accessible room



Again, although it may seem like a detail, it’s a factor that can actually be very important! Nothing worse than getting motivated to go to the room after a long day of work and realize that there will not be enough time to train because the room closes too early. Same thing in the morning! Even if getting up earlier to train before work may seem impossible, you will see that it is sometimes a very good option because you will have less chance to be demotivated if you go in the hour after your awakening only after a whole day to have time to find excuses! If you prefer to practice on weekends, also check the days and hours of operation. Short,


Depending on the sports hall, the atmosphere may be different. Some rooms are also very busy at certain times which can be very demotivating. Nothing worse than waiting for a machine or not being able to follow his program because the device you wanted to use is not available. 

However, you may spend a lot of time in the coming weeks! It is therefore very important to feel good about it. Before you commit, do not hesitate to test the gym. This will allow you to get an idea of the atmosphere and check that it suits you. Most gyms offer you a free test session or the opportunity to pay for a single session. 

Above all, think of testing the sports hall at times when you will usually go to avoid unpleasant surprises! Also, check the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities while you are there, you never know … Make sure that you feel good in this room and that coming back will be a pleasure. The atmosphere is an important criterion to choose your gym especially if you do not feel comfortable to register in the gym (think about reading my article how to overcome his fear of the gym if it is)


So far, I have mostly spoken about “environmental” criteria, which is the setting in which you will train. It’s time to take a look at what brings you to the sports hall, that is to say … The sports you will practice! And yes, some rooms are dedicated to weight training free weights, others are rather geared to machines or even group classes. 

Here too, everything depends on what you are looking for! Personally, I find that a good room should necessarily offer a weight space with free weights. Although the machines are very fashionable and seem at the forefront of technology, I think nothing beats dumbbells and free bars! Check not only the material offered but also the number! If you practice squat several times a week, Make sure there is at least a squat rack or smith machine. 

Side cardio, look at the condition and the number of machines because they are often very popular! Many rooms today offer mixed spaces and put functional training in the heart of their sports hall. Finally, if you prefer collective classes, here too check the offer and the frequency. If the body fight class you want is à la carte but not at the times that suit you, you can never enjoy … To think before choosing his gym.


Yes, I know you say, I take the sport, I will come and do my meeting and hurry to leave as soon as possible. So the rest does not matter to me. But you will see that in fact, our gym becomes a real place of life and the services offered around the sport are very important! To be able to benefit from a towel at each training session instead of having forgotten to take or wash yours. To be able to take a post-training meal in a suitable space rather than in the locker room among the members who are changing. 

Enjoy a sauna or steam room to relax after workout. Or have the free daily newspaper, take advantage of personalized coaching or simply coaches available to advise you. These are the kinds of services that never interested me in every attempt I made to get back into the sport. And yet, today, it is these little extras offered by my gym that I appreciate very much. The practice of fitness has evolved a lot and today sports halls are developing more and more services around training!

 I even saw child care centers abroad while you’re training. In short, think of all these small details when choosing a gym that will make your sport a pleasure and not a constraint! The practice of fitness has evolved a lot and today sports halls are developing more and more services around training! I even saw child care centers abroad while you’re training. In short, think of all these small details when choosing a gym that will make your sport a pleasure and not a constraint!

 The practice of fitness has evolved a lot and today sports halls are developing more and more services around training! I even saw child care centers abroad while you’re training. In short, think of all these small details when choosing a gym that will make your sport a pleasure and not a constraint!


Here are some tips that will help you I hope to choose your gym. Personally, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I train for several years at the CMG Sports Club and I am more than satisfied! The CMG Sports Club network, with its 22 clubs in the Paris region meets all of my criteria! Of course I tried other sports halls but in the end, I always ended up dropping because the room did not make me want to go. Of course, these are “excuses”. When we want we can be sure. 

But, remember that there will also be times when motivation will no longer be maximized. In these moments, it is because we really appreciate its gym and it is close to home that clings and we continue to go! Of course, there are other criteria such as the price, the duration of the subscription or other criteria that will be important to you. But my experience in the good and bad sides, makes me say that even if the price is important, after a few months, it no longer counts for motivation. I do not know anyone who went to the room just because he paid a subscription every month contrary to what is sometimes said when choosing his gym!

Fitness Traning | Healthy Fitness Tips

fitness techniques

Find in this section all my Fitness tips to help you achieve the body of your dreams! Workouts, tips, supplements but also test other sports activities or interview, you can find everything on this page!

fitness techniques


Find in this part all my tips for successful training! Just click on the article you are interested in to access it.


You have decided to resume the sport and you hesitate between training in the room or at home? Do we have to go to a weight room to get results? I explain everything in this article!


It’s not always easy to know how to get into Fitness especially if you go to the gym! Between machines, dumbbells and free weights, group lessons and advice from each other, we hear everything and its opposite and we can quickly be lost! So, to help you succeed in your training, I share my golden rules for successful Fitness training. 


You dream of having round buttocks but you can do squats all day, you do not see progress? Well, I share all my tips to boost your glutes training.


It is the holidays have finally arrived! Whether you have worked hard all year or started a long time ago, one of the questions we ask ourselves is how we will manage to reconcile vacation and diet. And yes you are in the right momentum and you are afraid to take back all the lost pounds … So I will give you my tips for managing this period and come back from vacation more motivated than ever !!


Whether you want to lose weight, have a fitness body model or simply feel good about your body, the path can be long and it’s often hard not to give up or get discouraged along the way.


You’ve just finished a great weight training and you do not know if you should eat after or not? And most importantly, you do not know what to eat after training? This article is for you and I will explain that you must eat and especially eat after training.


Feeling very well known to most athletes, body aches are a rather unpleasant time to spend. 



In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, we see a lot of people taking supplements and it is difficult to navigate especially when you start. Vitamins, protein powder, fat burners, amino acids, creatine, etc. There is something for all tastes and for all purposes but what is really useful? What do you need? Is it doping and what are the dangers, etc.?? So I’ll explain some of the main supplements HERE


Dangerous, doping, quick results, questions and stereotypes are many about the boosters and their real interests. In this article, I will explain to you whether to take a booster, what is it for, how is it composed and what are the effects! 


We hear everything and anything about proteins (dangerous, doping, mandatory, etc.), so here is an article with a video to understand what are proteins and if you must consume! Click here to know all about protein powder!


There are supplements that we do not talk about a bit less and that are very important. Omegas 3. So what are they for and why do I eat Omegas 3? I explain everything about this supplement in this article Omegas 3 why take it.


One of the few supplements that women do not talk about is BCAA. Yet they are very useful when you play sports regularly! Let’s get to know all about BCAAs and their benefits.

If you want to use supplements, do not hesitate to take advantage of 10% on the Women’s Best website with the code EMMA10



I tested the crossfit with Team Double You Fit . I tell you everything in this article that will allow you to discover this discipline and I took the opportunity at the same time to interview the Team and the girls answer any questions you may have about the Crossfit! 


JAfter having participated for a week in Raid la Saharienne Ecuador, I tell you all about my experience !! Between extreme hardships and comfort more than Spartan, I explain everything about this type of Raid here.


Many of you ask me what training program you should follow and I always tell you it depends on you, your goals, your body and many other factors. So there is no ready-made program that would suit everyone. SMais like it’s not easy especially if you start, I present to you today an application of “coaching” online really interesting: Fizz Up the application of personalized coaching.


You may not know it, but … I’m not a big fan of cardio. I tend to get bored quickly and when you get bored the minutes quickly become endless. So I decided to test the Aquabike to change a little. In addition, this activity is supposed to act against cellulite!

Improve Sports Performance With Proper Nutrients?

Improve Sports Performance With Proper Nutrients?

We all know that sufficient exercise, sleep, relaxation, and nutritious food is important for good health. Fortunately, for many people, especially among the younger generation, sports have become an important lifestyle element. But, without the right fuels, minerals, and vitamins you cannot perform optimally of course!

Improve Sports Performance With Proper Nutrients?

you are familiar with (hard) sports. Training for your first 10km race or your first Crossfit race for example! Of course, you want to be very fit to get the best out of yourself. The right fuel is then of course very important of course. But, what can you do? 

Good nutrition is the basis
Whoever wants to sport a lot, asks more of his or her body. I always say that you also have to give it back more! Unfortunately, this is often forgotten. And, in addition, it sometimes fails to eat healthy every day … A car has to refuel or give an inspection with a certain amount of kilometers. So why not your body? Your body must get the right fuel! Nutrition is always number one in improving your sports performance. That way you will recover faster and feel more energetic.

But, given our work, and performance pressure nowadays we sometimes ask a lot of ourselves. When I consult (top) athletes in my practice, we always start by optimizing the diet. Think of timing, advice rest/training days, sufficient macros and micro’s, etc. But, supplements come to me very quickly because I think this is also very important given our way of life nowadays (busy pressure, etc).

For intensive athletes and (top) athletes, who train more than 3 times a week for 1 to 2 hours or more, certain supplements can help to get a bit more out of them and/or to recover better. I always look on the basis of nutrition and exercise intensity what someone needs. Everyone has a different DNA. Everybody is unique. Some may need more magnesium because of a stressful life and the other more vitamin D due to low sun hours. Supplementation is customization. So always advise yourself well. Here under my top 4 of supplements in sport.

1: Magnesium

I never spoke about this. Especially for athletes because you lose moisture and minerals due to perspiration, including magnesium. Magnesium plays a role in maintaining supple muscles, helps in building body protein, helps to maintain the normal balance in the water and mineral balance of the body, etc.   Read more here in the previous blog!

2: Vitamin C
Extra vitamin C  contributes to maintaining your resistance during and after intense physical exertion. For this you need, in addition to your regular diet, at least extra 200 mg of vitamin C daily. Because, did you know that your resistance was temporarily reduced during exercise? Vitamin C contributes to the capture of free radicals in (body) cells, and that is very important after heavy work-outs! In addition, it also helps to release energy from food.

3: A well-absorbable multivitamin
A multivitamin or multi is a food supplement that contains many nutrients. A multi consists mainly of vitamins and minerals. But there are also multis that have enzymes, amino acids, herbs or other nutrients added. As an athlete, you have a higher need for B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins C and D, etc.   The vitamins  2, 3, 5, 6, 11  and  12  contribute to extra energy fatigueVitamin C gives extra resistance to physical exertion. And, we should not forget about vitamin D, of course. This vitamin plays a role in bone formation and is good for the functioning of the muscles. Vitamin D also contributes to good resistance. Read more in my previous blog! I swallow the Orthica Soft Multi regularly because it is easy to take because of the smooth exterior.

4: Omega 3 fatty acids
If you eat little FAT fish or do not like it, fish oil is very important. Fish oil includes the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. And these fatty acids are again part of the omega-3 fatty acid group. Fats play an important role in many bodily functions. Always take a fish oil supplement that contains only omega 3, and no omega 3, 6 and 9 combination supplement. We often get enough of omega 6 fatty acids. Think of butter, trans fats, too many nuts, etc. This can lead to an imbalance between omega 3 and 6.

The essential fatty acids are good for the heart and blood pressure. The FISH epa Max I swallow if I have eaten little fish and have trained hard / much of my body question.

Health Benefits of Living in a City

Health Benefits

Many are convinced that living in the city is unhealthy. But is this really true? Living in the city has health benefits that you might not expect. You can find them below!

Health Benefits

# 1 Accessibility on walking and cycling distance

In the city you usually do not have to travel far to reach a supermarket, school or restaurant. Locations are often close to each other. It is therefore ideal for walking or cycling to go there. Delivering such a physical effort has a positive effect on your health. Thirty minutes a day an increased heart rate already contributes to your health. The health benefits have a greater effect than the presumed disadvantages, such as inhaling harmful substances. Research shows that the effort of walking or cycling prolongs life, while inhaling dust particles does not make life much shorter (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving). A good reason so today to do your shopping on the bike!

# 2 Variation and amount of sports facilities

A few years ago they shot out of the ground: gyms, yoga studios, fitness rooms and so on we can continue for a while. Meanwhile, these facilities can no longer be ignored from the city. Two or three times a week of intensive exercise contributes to good health. The diverse range of facilities and sports clubs in the city ensures that everyone can find an activity that suits them. If you can also go walking or cycling here, you combine two advantages. So extra healthy!

# 3 Green city districts

It is not that cities do not have green. On the contrary. City parks are more popular than ever and are also well maintained by municipalities. A green environment is good for your mental and physical health. Nature brings you peace and helps to clear your head. This reduces stress and fatigue. A good way to relax is by, for example, taking a cycle route through a park. Furthermore, city parks invite people to recreation and exercise. Because parks are more and more often arranged with soccer fields and fixed fitness equipment, visitors can fully enjoy themselves in the green surroundings!

# 4 Outdoor games

Outdoor games in the city may not sound like an ideal combination, but if you find the right places, your (grand) children can still play around. In addition to the aforementioned city parks, where there are many opportunities for play, children can also enjoy themselves in other ways. In a lot of places in the city you will find small sports fields, where you can play football, basketball, hockey, etc. Furthermore, many cities have several skating tracks, where older children and young people can have fun.

Weeds: Not All So Bad!

Weeds: Not All So Bad

The study of weeds, weed science, is a science invented in the mid-nineteenth century by James Buckman, an English chemist and Thilo Irmisch, a German botanist. For the first time, weed morphology was described. Today, however, the approach has evolved to distinguish friendly from unwanted herbs.

The terms adventice , describing grasses growing in a place where they are not desired, or weeds, an expression mostly used in agriculture when a plant accidentally grows in a crop, are both commonly used.

Weeds: Not All So Bad

Good “bad” herbs

Some “bad” herbs help preserve biodiversity by serving as a shelter for useful wildlife such as pollinating insects that can feed on the nectar of those that bloom early in late winter; others feed the birds with the seeds or berries they produce, and some of them owe their existence solely to specific weeds:

  • plants that attract pollinating insects: marjoram, oregano, dandelion, hogweed, wild chicory, burdock, ivy, eupatory, cutthroat, buckthorn …
  • plants that attract auxiliary insects: centaury, fennel, nettle, ivy, daisy …
  • plants feeding the birds: elderberry, ivy, grasses, ivy, hawthorn, knotweed, plantain …
  • insecticidal plants: tansy, eagle fern …
  • plants used for preparations treating other plants: comfrey, nettles, marigolds …
  • plants improving the soil: rum, clover, Fabaceae …
  • healing medicinal plants: sage, white broth, blueberry, celandine …
  • Ornamental plants that are pretty: poppy, blueberry, campanula, nigella, larkspur, scabious, ivy …
  • edible plants: dandelion, cardamine, wild garlic, fennel, purslane, nettle, young daisies …

Weeds to watch

Some weeds are to be feared because of their expansive nature; they are therefore to be eliminated as soon as they point the least bit of stem: oxalis, quackgrass, mugwort, burdock …

Also watch out for those that develop faster than it takes you time to program their wedding: thistle, creeping buttercup, horsetail, bindweed, bramble, not to mention ambrosia which, in addition, is extremely allergenic or the datura and the brione dioic especially poisonous.

How are weeds spread?

Weeds are particularly ingenious, they have adapted to our cultural practices in a thousand ways: to escape the tools that work the land surface, their root system grows even more deeply (bindweed), to go unnoticed, they blend into with similar plants (quackgrass in the grass), to survive the weed killers, they resist or separate their rhizomes to prevent the whole plant from being touched, to multiply more efficiently, they take advantage of the tiller that cuts the roots as much cuttings (creeping buttercup, quackgrass) or they germinate all year round producing quantities of seeds (chickweed), etc.

Nature is well done, as they say!

Weed: yes, but with discernment

Weeding should be done, of course, near the house, for aesthetic reasons and careful maintenance, or in the kitchen garden to prevent weeds from competing too much with the plantations, spring up spontaneously, spread diseases or maintain a humidity excessive.

But, it is quite judicious for the biodiversity to conserve areas of your garden, more natural, while keeping an eye on the bulkiest weeds (brambles, thistle, rumex.

Never use chemical herbicides: the damage they cause to health and the environment is catastrophic and at the scale of a garden, it is quite possible to do without it by preferring natural alternatives or manual. In any case, the prohibition of purchase and possession of phytosanitary products by individuals will soon be the norm.