Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

Anti-Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Food (paleo)

Anti-Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Food

Why is paleo an anti-pain diet?

This kitchen “anti pains”, also called the paleo plan, is a diet based on raw products, non-industrial, no grain and no legumes. That is, an anti-inflammatory diet. A real detox cure without the name!

Anti-Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Food

Knowing this “relief” plan and being able to do it in case of pain crisis (recurring or not) is a valuable asset to help your body better repair itself (without stopping your medical treatment). Many of you ask me what they can eat during acute crises, to “not aggravate”. This training is the answer to this question.

=> List of foods to favor (and cook in a delicious way) to know a life without pain (articular, intestinal, muscular). 
=> Plan of 5-10-15 days with menus and delicious recipes tested in the course 
(To begin again with each thrust, crisis, discomfort, blow of fatigue). 
=> Method to begin, to pass over the bad days and crackings, to continue, in spite of everything (with “days of celebration” and “rule of 80/20)! 
=> Recipes to do without bread, cereals, legumes … and get to eat paleo everywhere, including the restaurant or traveling!

During this day, you will cook, taste and you will have all the tools to understand and apply at home the paleo diet.

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