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6 Healthy Foods That Make You Fat

If you feel healthy eating and failing to lose weight, maybe this article will help you spot what healthy foods you should watch on your plate! Here are 5 healthy foods that make you fat.

Healthy Foods That Make You Fat



I do not know if you noticed, but the word healthy is used today in all the sauces. In the food industry, in the restaurant, we see healthy everywhere. For me, eating healthy means eating in a varied and balanced way. And above all, eat in a balanced way psychologically. You have to eat while knowing how to make the right choices. The purpose of this article is not to ban certain foods. But just eat them in adequate quantities! Here are 5 healthy foods that make you fat. Or, in any case, which are very caloric even if they are really healthy in their composition. I would recommend reasonable quantities but it is only indicative. It all depends of course on your goals, and your personal needs. And the overall composition of your plates on the day or the week.


Of course, the lawyer is very good for health. It is a very good source of lipids. Not to mention that it’s delicious! Yes but here, the lawyer, even if it is a fruit, is composed mainly of lipids. It is therefore necessarily super caloric! So be careful with the amount of avocado that you put in your salad on pain of exploding the caloric meter. Not to mention that your salad surely contains other sources of fat. Recommended amount: ¼ to ½ avocado per meal.


Here’s another star of healthy snacks: nuts, almonds, and other oleaginous foods. Indeed, again, these are foods full of good nutrients. So we sometimes tend to nibble all day when you start a diet. Unfortunately, here too, it’s high calorie and if you’re on a diet, you could easily explode your calories. Avoid all salty, grilled or caramelized mixtures. This is of course also true for peanut butter, almonds or other nuts. Recommended quantity: 20 gr per snack.


I’ll throw a paver in the pond, but sushi and other California, it’s not at will! Yes, they generally contain healthy products that are good for your health. And again, if you forget the cheese versions, fried or sweet soy sauce. But they are often hypercaloric! Between rice, which is often sweet, raw fish and another avocado, it can also become a cheat meal. If you really care about your line and it’s not a cheat meal day, prefer sashimi and salty soy sauce. And if you’re cooking, do not hesitate to get inspired by my healthy California rolls recipe.


I can already hear you say it’s delicious. That they are just fruits, and that the fruits are super healthy. Yes of course. And it is even a very good source of carbohydrates for sports efforts! But where the mistake lies is that 100gr of dried fruit does not represent as many calories as fresh fruit! So be careful with the amount of dried apricots, dried figs, raisins that you consume.


Does it sound obvious to you like that? Well, like any oil, even super healthy, it goes up very quickly in calories. So even if you are told everywhere that it’s super healthy, that you can cook it without much problem, it’s still oil. A single tablespoon per reps is more than enough. In the cosmetic version by cons, do not hesitate to go at will!


Here is a good example of healthy, not balanced fashion. We see pies in all restaurants stamped healthily. Yes, there are vegetables, full of vegan version, with or without gluten. But never forget how your grandmother made her pie dough (or quiche). The dough is mainly butter and flour. And even if you find versions with a dough composed of healthier ingredients, often it is the holiday of carbohydrates! So watch out for the ingredients and accompany your quiche with a nice salad. Or your quiche will go into healthy foods that make you fat.

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