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Eliminate Scars, Keloids and Acne

The advances of recent years in dermo-cosmetic medicine today allow us to treat scars of any age, location and origin: post-surgical, by burn or trauma, sequelae of juvenile acne … Normally, it is a combination applied in consultation, complemented with a topical treatment that the patient has to apply at home.


Treatment of aesthetic medical scars

In our consultations we have a wide range of treatments for scars:

  • Infiltrations

Directly in the area of the scar through small injections, anti-inflammatory drugs are infiltrated. Usually, a corticoid is used, alone or with a homeopathic “cocktail”.

  • Laser treatment

The laser has been a real breakthrough in the field of scars. We use fractionated CO2 Laser to fine tune the surface. Also IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to decrease the color of the scar. And LEDs (low power lasers) are used for their anti-inflammatory action.

  • Carboxytherapy

This is the infiltration of the medical CO2 gas in the area of the scar, which revitalizes the tissue and oxygenates it again, accelerating the process of tissue repair. With carboxiterapia, we can treat scars of all kinds and of any nature, including white atrophic scars and very old lesions.

  • PRP or Growth Factors

We use the infiltration of Platelet Rich Plasma because it accelerates the processes of tissue repair. Being an autologous product (it is obtained from the patient’s own blood), it has the advantage that it does not cause allergies or rejections.

  • Dermaroller or Collagen Stimulation Therapy

This is a sterile medical device in the form of a roller, covered with micro-needles. When applied, we stimulate the regeneration processes and help penetrate the active ingredients of the topical treatment that we apply next.

  • Fillers or Fillers

If the scar is sunken, we can fill it with biocompatible materials such as hyaluronic acid or collagen.

  • Dermomicropigmentación

When the scars are of a different color to their surrounding tissue, you can opt for pigmentation. By adapting the color of the scar to the same tone of the rest of the skin, the scar becomes practically invisible.

Scars care at home

The treatments performed by the aesthetic doctor are complemented with home care, mainly:

  • Use of a sunscreen with high protection factor (SPF 50+).
  • Patches or silicone healing gels.
  • Cosmetics (ointments, creams, serums or oils) healing, moisturizing and repairing.

In any case, the complementary treatments that the patient will have to perform at home will be recommended individually for each patient after evaluating their case.

Eliminate keloid scars

A special case are keloid scars, what options are effective in their treatment?

Probably, you have already read that for this type of scars the best is the treatment with cortisone: infiltrations of anti-inflammatory drugs (corticoid only, or combined with a homeopathic cocktail) that are made directly in the area of the scar. Generally, several sessions are needed, once a month, with a progressive result.

In the treatment of keloid scars, we can also use laser, carboxytherapy, medicines and topical cosmetics. In some cases, we have opted for the resection of the scar through surgery.

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