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This Is How Emotions Affect Your Health

Happiness, sadness, anger and disappointment are not only emotions that are felt in the heart and mind, they also have consequences on your health (whether for good or for bad).

Here we tell you how emotions affect your health, take note!

This Is How Emotions Affect Your Health


When you are feeling some of these emotions, pain can be manifested in different parts of the body such as in the back and head, in addition, it increases the heart rate, there is excessive sweating and you may even have the sensation that you lack air.

Another way in which emotions affect your health is that it increases the chances of suffering from a more serious illness such as cancer or having a stroke.

How to control it? Do breathing exercises: take air for 5 seconds and let it go for 5 seconds, concentrate on doing it! You will feel better immediately.

Studies around the world ensure that maintaining a positive attitude helps you strengthen the body’s defenses and overall health, it can even improve your sex life! Since, when you are happy, libido increases.

How do I apply it in my day to day? Before going to sleep write 5 reasons why you feel grateful and perform this activity for 1 month. Also, try to laugh at least 5 minutes a day, your abdomen will thank you!


These feelings can cause your concentration to decrease and your information processing and reasoning skills to be affected.

How do I control it?Rest well and work on your safety before the people. Amy Cuddy, body language expert, recommends in one of her conferences within TED that the position of “Superman” is maintained 3 minutes before an important meeting.

Thus, your way of addressing people will change positively.


When a person is upset, the body is worn down by a large amount of adrenaline that is released, causing the functioning of the body is not in balance.

Being angry promotes muscular pain and the appearance of diseases such as gastritis, colitis and stomach irritation.

How do I avoid it? Instead of making a courage have an internal reaction, better, talk your feelings (calmly) with someone you trust.

Expressing emotions always helps to reduce irritability and feel calmer.


When we fall in love, the body also perceives it thanks to dopamine and serotonin, hormones that provoke the sensation of well – being and euphoria. Even, they are believed to have an addictive effect!

How do I take it? Here the key is more sentimental. Everything depends on the spark you want to have in the relationship since the stage of falling in love is not forever (it can last from 1 to 3 years).

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