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5 Sporting Activities to Test for the Fall Season

September is the month when we start on a good base after having enjoyed the holidays. If you need a little boost to help you get back to the sport, here are 5 sports activities to test for the fall season. We find all these activities in the CMG Sports Club where I train all year.

5 Sporting Activities to Test for the Fall Season


And yes, boxing is trendy! Finally, it’s mostly a very complete sport physically, which will help you work your cardio, tone your muscles and burn your fat! It is also very good for self-confidence or for venting one’s negative energies. An emergency test in boxing and fit, boxing and rope, boxing and bag or boxing training at the CMG Sports Club . It’s really the sporting activity that tends to be a test for back-to-school girls like boys!

Practical Info: All levels, in some CMG Sports Club only. Choose the activity according to its level and objectives.


The TRX activity is a group lesson around the use of TRX. These suspended straps can be used as a full body workout. A new mode of functional training with your body while preserving long-term injuries. The sports activity tends to test for the return without injury.

Also available in TRX Bootcamp version for the most motivated.


The trip is a group cycling in front of a giant screen with futuristic landscapes in an over-excited atmosphere. Free endorphins, burn calories and refine your figure. With The Trip, cycling is becoming an entertaining experience! It is the sport activity for the school year 2.0.


Trendy rhythms and glamorous choreographies that rhyme exercises with pleasure. Dance has always been a good way to burn calories even when you do not like sports! Samba, disco, hip-hop, dance, jazz or reggae, the SH’BAM ™ mixes a multitude of dances for a sequence that invites you to move! This course allows you to work on cardio, coordination and refine your figure. The sports activity tends to test for the start of the fun.

And if not, you can always try a course of hip-hop, Latin dance, African dance, Bachata, Afrovibes, Classical, Modern Jazz, etc. ?


Burning Row is a collective high-intensity rowing course. The rower is one of the most complete cardio exercises and can actually strengthen the whole body. It also helps burn fat effectively. The course also includes reinforcement exercises. If you like to overtake yourself and the intense efforts, do not hesitate to test the Burning Row (or why not the Grit Cardio or the CMG Bootcamp). The sports activity tends to test for the return of the great sportsmen

There are many sports activities that will help you achieve your goals whether it’s weight loss, bodybuilding or just wellness. Find the activity that motivates you, makes you happy, it’s the best way to persevere and see the results of your efforts. And if you’re new, do not hesitate to read my article how to choose your gym! For my part, I go to the CMG Sports Club for years, I am very satisfied with 22 clubs and more than 60 activities! So what trendy activity are you going to test for the new season?

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