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Tips for Healthy Eating at the Restaurant

Go to the restaurant is above all a moment of pleasure and sharing. But when you pay attention to your line or you have specific sporting goals, balancing diet and restaurant can quickly become a headache. Here are 8 tips to help you make the right choices for healthy eating at the restaurant.

Tips for Healthy Eating at the Restaurant

  • Choosing the right restaurant

And yes, it may seem obvious but depending on the restaurant you choose, you can more or less easily eat healthy! It will be most of the time harder to find really healthy dishes in a fast food restaurant than in a salad restaurant, logical no? 

But it’s also good depending on the type of cuisine! It is often easier to find healthy products in Japanese cuisine than in a Chinese or Moroccan restaurant where oil is important. But watch out for fake friends! It’s not because you go to a healthy restaurant that you can choose any dish with your eyes closed. Similarly, there is more chance to eat in large quantities if you go to a restaurant at will than if you go to a classic restaurant! Today we are even beginning to find, especially abroad.

  • Spot what you are going to eat before

Yes, I know, many of you like to discover the menu once in the restaurant and be surprised by what they choose on the spot. I am often like that when I go to the restaurant for my cheat meal. But, if your priority is to respect a healthy and balanced diet and avoid giving in to temptation, nothing better than to prepare for it!

 I advise you to find the map on the internet and choose in advance the dishes that you think are best suited to your goal. Of course, it’s less “fun” but remember that your # 1 goal is to be reasonable! Prepare yourself a little upstream in your choice before going there will avoid you to crack at the last moment for the pizza that you may be more envy!

  • Choosing the right foods

Again, this is obvious, but if you want to stay reasonable, you will have to eat the same types of ingredients as usual! So prefer lean meats: bib or carpaccio rather than steak or rib of beef, chicken rather pork, etc. But also, fish, of course. Side accompaniment, choose vegetables rather than starchy foods, etc. Dessert side, it’s often the most difficult …! 

Bet on products that are less processed or less sweet like fruits! But often, it will be difficult to respect your diet and choose a dessert at the restaurant, unfortunately. If you do not have an option for this last little tip: go directly to the tea or coffee so you do not get salivated and feel frustrated while you watch others eat their dessert.

  • The dishes to avoid to eat healthy at the restaurant

Like at home, if you want to eat healthy in the restaurant, some foods or dishes will be avoided to the maximum. But to remind you, here is a non-exhaustive list of dishes or foods that you must avoid to eat healthy in the restaurant. Of course, run away from frying and more generally everything that is fat, fatty meat, etc. One of the biggest problems we do not necessarily think about is the sauce! Indeed, a lot of sauce is made of butter, cream, oil, sugar, honey, even flour to thicken! The air of nothing, your little sauce is often what can turn a dish that looks healthy in heat bomb …! Have you spotted a delicious fish fillet a la carte?

 Be careful that it is not served with a cream sauce that will ruin your good intentions. Pay attention to salads and pickled foods (often in oil). If the ingredients of a salad often look very healthy (watch out for cheeses, croutons, etc.), often the sauce, to add taste, is also very caloric! And when you put a tablespoon of oil per plate at home, in the restaurant, it is often 4 to 5 times more important … and you will not even realize it, persuaded to have made the right choice …! 

I also advise you to avoid pies and quiches, even if they are vegetables or served in a healthy restaurant. If you are wondering why

think about the ingredients of a pie dough … White flour (bad starch), butter or oil (in very large quantities), often sugar, egg yolk, cheese etc.

 Not to mention the cream in the preparation. Your pretty vegetable pie actually hides very bad calories. There are of course exceptions and fortunately! Last little tip: watch out for bread! Yes, we are in France, yes we love bread. But, here too it can quickly increase the calories and they are rarely good calories.

  • Have a snack before the restaurant

This is surely the advice you will find most surprising. But, have you ever heard that you should never go shopping hungry or you will buy only food dictated by impulse and hunger? Well, it’s the same at the restaurant! If you arrive hungry, there are 9 chances out of 10 that you eat too much or make the wrong choices. Did you ever attack the bread basket even before your order arrived? We find ourselves quickly to eat more half a baguette, just because we are too hungry … nibble a healthy snack before going to the restaurant is a good way to be more reasonable! And if you are less hungry, even if you do not like it at the end, there is a good chance that you only order the little pizza instead of the pizza family size!

  • Drink water

A bit like bread or dishes in sauce, drinks are part of little extras that can quickly increase calories: alcohol, hyper-sweet cocktails, industrial juices, etc. These are drinks that will sometimes consume as many calories as an extra dish. And what’s more, without having the impression of having really eaten! I strongly advise you to consume water, flat or bubbly if you want to eat healthy in the restaurant. Another option, if you consume, light drinks or zero, which have the advantage of being very low in calories!

Here, I hope these 8 tips for healthy eating will be useful! Once again, I want to remind you that going to a restaurant is above all a time of pleasure and not of frustration. But sometimes, you want to go out or be with your friends without necessarily doing a spur to his goals. I am thinking, for example, of a person who has just started his diet, who has a lot of weight to lose or who has a very high goal or who has to lose weight in a relatively short time. Personally, the restaurant is a moment of pleasure and I go there on the occasion of my weekly cheat meal. But when I have specific goals in terms of fat loss, or if I have not been reasonable during the week but still want to spend good time with friends, these are tips that are very useful to me! If you are in this situation, I hope these tips will be useful! Feel free to share the article on your social networks and share in comment your own tips for eating healthy in the restaurant. 

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