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How to Tame an Iconic Perfume

I find that the perfumes of the big fashion houses are mostly very commercial and are so often worn by women that in my opinion they can not be used as a personal signature. That’s why I prefer to orient myself, either for myself or for the women I recommend, to niche perfumes or as part of exclusive or private editions.

 Iconic Perfume

We can sometimes be slowed down for a budget issue. But now, with the rise of online perfumeries, we can find very attractive prices as is the case for example for the range Chanel No. 5 at Parfumdo.com .

Chanel n ° 5 is one of the few great classics that remain interesting to me because it remains a fragrance of character that has the assets of a niche perfume, ie exceptional.

So let’s recall a little history of this perfume, which became mythical with the famous statement of Marylin Monroe (external link to documentary) about what she wears at night: “only a few drops of Chanel n ° 5”.
She calls on Ernest Beaux, former perfumer at the court of the Russian tsars, to create a fragrance that she wants mysterious and indescribable.

To achieve this result, the perfumer uses more than 80 scents, without dominant note, and synthetic components to exalt the smells while scrambling the tracks. A precious blend that, like abstract art, makes the olfactory composition more delicate to decipher.

Coco Chanel gets what she wants when she discovers sample # 5 among the different proposals of the famous Nose. Here it is … the juice of the feminine character !

She draws the bottle offering the keys of the timeless: simplicity, purity, sobriety. The shape of the cap is inspired by the Place Vendôme.

Personally, this perfume really did not please me when I was younger: I found it strong, headstrong, too “granny”. And now, the older I get, the more I love it. It is a juice that, it seems to me, can not be understood and appreciated by young snouts. It’s like good wine, you learn to appreciate it with age, the taste buds sharpening. In terms of smell, it’s the same principle.

Also, Chanel No. 5 can release a very different scent depending on the skin and also according to the places of the body (more or less hot) where it is worn.

His perception may also be different between a woman who wears it on the skin and one who wears it only sprayed on clothes.

He therefore asks to be tested and re-tested in your own way to tame and shape it to your own identity.

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