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How to Choose Your Bio Deodorant

Sweat is produced by the sweat glands in order to regulate the body temperature in case of heat.

When secreted, sweat is odorless. It is the bacteria on the surface of the armpits that, by feeding on sweat, cause a bad odor.

1- Choose a deodorant and not an antiperspirant

Beforehand, I would like to recall one important nuance: to make the distinction between an antiperspirant and a deodorant.

The first mouth sweat glands and limits perspiration while the deodorant only helps to mask the odors.

If you want something that respects the nature of your body, it should not clog the pores of your skin and let it breathe … You must forget the antiperspirants and focus on deodorants. And yes … the idea is to continue to sweat but not to stink!

This means that all industrial antiperspirants are eliminated, as well as natural antiperspirants such as alum stone.

The question of aluminum, constituent of alum stone, and its toxic potential is debated.

However, according to experts, whether an antiperspirant is used with aluminum chlorohydrate (industrial) or an alum stone, aluminum is likely to cross the skin.

As a precaution, so-called alum stone deodorants should be avoided even if they are certified organic!

2- Which format to choose for your deodorant

Organic or non-organic, there is still another precaution to take anyway, in terms of format. Deodorants spray (aerosol) are to be avoided because they are highly flammable because of the gases they contain (butane, propane, isobutane). The volatile organic compounds they contain disperse in the air with each spray and directly pollute your indoor environment. You breathe and assimilate these toxic elements.

It is therefore preferable to prefer another application format such as the Roll-on, the stick or the cream.

3- Why prefer organic deodorants to classic deodorants

The Bio label ensures in principle a healthier composition (but not always ideal).

However, you have to know how to sort! As the organic industry is a big business like any other, the consumer must keep her clairvoyance and check the composition. Read “Bio” on the package is not enough to buy eyes closed.

Indeed, an organic deodorant does not necessarily mean zero defect and perfection for the skin! It is supposed to be cleaner than a classic deodorant but it is not necessarily the case. Today, we must systematically control the composition label because the marketing promise is not always in sync with what is inside as I indicated in this video on organic cosmetics in general.

For example, Bio deodorants indicating “paraben free” sometimes contain substitutes that are not more harmless. Check that they do not include other suspicious preservatives such as: triclosan, cetrimonium bromide, Methylisothiazolinone, formaldehyde, Phenoxyethanol.

This would be the case of the brand Laino for example, which despite a promising facade, would surprise by its dubious composition …

4- Which brands to choose for its Bio deodorant

According to my research, consumer satisfaction is moving towards the following brands:

The deodorant balm The powder of Clemence and Vivien

Deodorants Bio from Soap Walla (the only negative point would be the price too high)

Deodorants Schsmidt’s stick, bergamot lime (but not the range for sensitive skin that would be much less effective)

Weleda deodorants, with rose or Sage (but not the one with Citrus that would be less effective). You can find them on Pharma simply.

The fresh deodorant Fresh up Pachamamaï (the most: no container, it is zero waste)

The beauty deodorant Bio by Nuxe also available at Pharmasimple (The most: no essential oil for those who are sensitive and level composition, all the lights are green according to the site What to choose.The least: no particular smell – may be insufficient during a big day of overheating …)

The deodorants stick of Savonnerie Buissonnière (the most: French artisanal manufacture, the least: it can stain clear clothes).

And finally, a new kid who wants to be a pearl (I have to test it): the Delicate (Roll-on) from Omum that says to meet all the feminine (more or less extreme …) of today hui: cruelty-free, vegan, Bio … The composition is formulated without essential oil, alcohol, or aluminum salts, and allows safe use of the product by pregnant and lactating women.

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