Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

The Essentials for Effective and Easy-to-make Natural Makeup

The Essentials for Effective and Easy-to-make Natural Makeup

There are two principles I would like to share with you today:

1- it is not necessary to have a hundred makeup products to be well made up;

2- the best products are not always the most expensive … For example, Yves Rocher offers an offer both qualitative and extremely interesting in terms of price. Moreover, the brand offers very interesting sales at the moment. So, it may be worth it to renew her makeup kit. But no matter how!

The Essentials for Effective and Easy-to-make Natural Makeup

I can read that some have about fifty lipsticks, others collect the famous eyeshadow palettes just because it’s trendy, some try every week new beauty gadgets because the packaging is “so girly”. Certainly, it may be a pleasure for the consumer. I also feel this pleasure … but in the end, what remains? Lots of unfinished products piling up and who will end where? In the garbage?

In short, I am not a big consumer and yet I have accumulated far too many products in the last 10 years … I realized the magnitude when I had to empty my business to live abroad in 2018.

The observation is the following: I have the same beauty routine almost every day, I wear makeup the same way … it’s simple, effective and it’s enough for me besides great occasions.

I asked myself: what are my essentials? Here’s what I really need every day after cleansing and preparing my skin:

A foundation cushion: I use it on some parts of the face to subtly erase signs of fatigue under the eyes and some redness around the mouth and nose.

A mascara that lengthens the lashes!

An eyeliner to enlarge my eyes …

And the icing on the cake, this touch that makes all the difference and that I can never do without me: an illuminator! To bring the light touches to my face and give a boost in a jiffy.

I also advise you to use an eyebrow pencil to redraw them. Because the line of sight is fundamental in the structure of the face. I had my eyebrows tattooed a long time ago so, on my side, it’s one less product to buy.

All this is what I could call “my inescapable base”. And after that, I just have to add my ideal lipstick!

In total, that’s only 3 to 6 products to own in her daily makeup kit and enough to feel neat and radiant every day. At least we do not get lost, we save and the same beauty gestures that are repeated every morning become more precise and fast. Natural and effective!

When you know your ideal lipstick for your skin tone, that you know how to put the light touch on the right places on the face, that you like the way you do makeup every day, you do not need much of other!

In any case, it’s my philosophy: find its essentials, stay faithful to it, finish its products not to waste and test a possible novelty to replace what is finished … We should have more reasoned consumption and more aligned with our strict need.

The bulimia of make-up is revealing of a strange society where one always runs farther towards an imaginary ideal … As if to possess all this makeup could make us “become” someone else. While the real solution is: to be oneself!

And clearly, if you think carefully, since all these years to try makeup, you know what you like about you and what you do not like … You know what beauty gestures you like to do in the morning and those you do like not … And if you do not know, it is that you especially need to be guided to better choose and not to buy everything to try everything without knowing why …

So, are you ready to find your essentials? It’s more economical, it’s simple and effective. If you need help finding your fashion and beauty essentials, I invite you to follow my online coaching modules via the School of Style.

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