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All About Fitness Supplements

Fitness Supplements

We see every day on the internet and social networks the promotion of fitness supplements that promise us faster results or a record muscle gain. What about, is it really helpful, should you take supplements and what supplements are really interesting? I explain everything in this article all about fitness supplements.


So yes, we see all the athletes who inspire us to take supplements. However, the supplements are not magic and you will not see in most cases any noticeable difference in the short term by taking supplements. Be careful, this does not mean that the supplements have no interest.

 I have consumed myself regularly for a long time. But we must not have unrealistic expectations about improving results. To put it simply, the supplements are a little icing on the cake. It’s the little thing more. But this will only be a small part of your results. And most importantly, do not forget that supplements do not make the effort for you! They will simply strengthen and complement your efforts.


If the supplements are not magic, they still have interests to help you improve your results. Transforming your body requires time and a lot of effort, so it can be interesting to put all the chances on your side.

Bodybuilding is a thankless sport that requires a lot of effort and commitment but it’s all the little things put end to end that will make the difference in a few months. So when should you take supplements? Well, in my opinion, the supplements must be taken only once everything else is already in place. That is to say when you already respect these 3 criteria:

  • You train hard several times a week
  • You have a balanced diet adapted to your goals
  • You have been practicing bodybuilding for a while

If you do not meet these 3 criteria, it is likely that taking supplements will be useless for you. And in any case, remember that supplements are in no way required to succeed! It’s the truth about fitness supplements to never forget!


This is one of the questions I am asked most often about fitness supplements. Well, there is no good answer to this question because it depends primarily on the type of supplements you consume. A supplement containing caffeine, for example, should not be consumed at the end of the day to avoid sleep disorders.

The best is therefore to follow the indications recommended by the manufacturer. One thing is certain, one must take into account the assimilative capacity of your body. This means that depending on the supplements, your body assimilates them more or less easily. Consuming too much of a shot is often counterproductive, your body will not have the ability to absorb everything at once, so it will reject the surplus.

 Most of the supplements are therefore to be distributed in small quantities throughout the day, in several takes. Another thing to know, there are times of the day when your body will have a better absorption capacity. This is particularly the case when you wake up, your body will consume a lot of calories very quickly. That’s why breakfast is so important! And also around the training since you will draw a lot of energy.


This is one of the most frequent questions I receive. Is it good, what taste should I choose. Here too, everything depends on your personal taste! My darling and I both eat supplements but our opinions are sometimes opposed on the same taste! I love the cookie and cream taste when he hates it. I love Kale chips from Women’s Best but I know other influencers do not like the taste at all! Conversely, a taste may vary from one brand to another. It’s really a question of personal taste and it is often necessary to test several to find the one we like.

But I want to tell you right away: most supplements are not delicious. If brands have made great progress, the taste is often quite synthetic. For example, chocolate fans are often disappointed with the chocolate taste of supplements.

Do not expect that your protein shaker is a real treat. Most of the time the tastes are at best not bad! But do not forget that if you take a supplement, it is not a candy, it is above all a nutritional supplement. That’s a truth about important fitness supplements to know!


To conclude, we can say that yes, the supplements are interesting but that their effect is difficult to feel and besides that their real impact is difficult to measure. I personally consume it regularly but even after several years, I have a hard time really measuring its success. Again, the supplements will represent just 10% of your results. It’s really training and eating (by eating the right macros nutrients in the right quantities,) associated with perseverance that will give you the expected results. Nevertheless, if you decide to eat, here are some tips to follow.

Consume enough water. Water helps your body better absorb supplements and eliminate what is not consumed by your body. Remember to always consume 2 to 3L of water per day
Choose the quality. Competition is fierce on the supplement market and there are many offers as well as excesses. To avoid problems, check the quality of the brand you buy. The Internet will help you check the quality of the sellers or the chosen brand
Be careful with overdose. There is a range to consume for each dietary supplement. Below a certain amount, the impact will be zero. But if you consume too much, your body will not absorb them and you will throw your money out the window. In some cases, it may even have a detrimental effect on your body. Respect the doses recommended by the manufacturer and the recommendations of the health agencies. And do not forget to measure the doses contained in each of your supplements. If you consume booster and burner for example, there is a good chance that you consume too much caffeine for your body!
Learn about what you consume. It’s the game of marketing, the brands are trying to pull themselves together and try to convince you that such supplement is mandatory or miraculous. Moreover, we find everything and anything on the internet, everyone has his opinion, expert or not elsewhere. The best way to find your way around is to find out for yourself, consult various serious opinions and check the compositions of what you consume! And this also applies to the opinions of your favorite influencers! I have my ethic and I only work with brands that I validate and consume products. But some people will have a different opinion of mine, prefer other brands or products. If you learn to check for yourself the information you are given,
Escape miracle products! Never forget, if it’s miraculous, or we’re trying to rip you off, or it’s because these products are illegal and dangerous to your health. Do not be fooled by marketing and learn again to understand what you consume!
That’s it, you now know the truth about fitness supplements. They are interesting products in certain situations but which are by no means miraculous or must replace a solid food. So think carefully before buying and ask yourself if your money will be used before ordering. If you have any other questions about supplements, do not hesitate to ask them in comments, I would be happy to answer you and if you want to know what supplements you should consume, do not hesitate to read my article on which fitness supplements consume.

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