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The Benefits of a Balanced Diet


At any age, diet is a factor of form and balance. And more after 50 years because our needs and our culinary desires evolve.

Balance and diversity before anything else

This is the key to a healthy diet! It is recommended to eat everything in reasonable quantity, that is to say, proteins (meat, eggs, fish), vegetables, starchy foods, fruits, dairy products … To achieve this,  provide at each meal an entrance, a dish, and a dessert can vary the pleasures and distribute the nutritional contributions that your body needs. Ideally,  this dietary balance should be respected daily,  but it can be done on a weekly basis. So,  if you happen to excesses one day, you can “catch up” by adapting your meals of the week.

Keep a place in your menus for each food family

With age, we tend to believe that we must eat less. On the contrary, we spend more calories in the effort, which requires a greater energy intake when we get older. By its nutritional qualities, each type of food helps to keep us in shape. But we often ask ourselves questions: how many times a week do we eat meat? Should we choose fresh vegetables? Should we avoid eating bread?

The National Health and Nutrition Program (PNNS) responds by indicating the proportions to be respected for a balanced diet •  Meats, eggs, fish, high protein, are necessary to preserve our mass and our muscular strength. It should be consumed once or twice a day, but avoid frying or breading.

 Fruits and vegetables provide us with vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is recommended to eat 5 parts a day and in all forms, cooked, raw, compote, juice, natural or prepared, whether fresh, frozen or canned, according to your possibilities and your budget. • Starchy foods are our source of energy.

Depending on your appetite, introduce at each meal, potatoes, pulses or cereals, bread preferably complete. And it is rather sauces or accompaniments that are too rich. • Dairy products with a high calcium content help to maintain strong bones and fight osteoporosis. It is advisable to consume 3 to 4 times a day.

 Drinks are needed for good hydration. Drink water at will, tea, herbal teas, soups at a rate of 1.5 liters per day, avoid sugary drinks and limit the wine to 2 glasses of 10 cl per day, for women, and three glasses for men. •  the sugar, salt, fat are to be consumed in moderation. Indeed, the excess of sugary products can participate in weight gain. As for salt, it promotes hypertension and fat, in excess, can cause cardiovascular disease.

Diversify for more fun

It’s sad to eat the same thing every day. You may be tempted to do this because you are alone because you are not very hungry or not very keen to cook. And because it’s simpler, faster. What a pity! Keeping the taste of good things, having fun is just as important as feeding.

 If you are not very inspired, the site eatbouger.fr has set up an application “The factory menus” which concocts weekly menus according to the criteria that you impose (the preparation time, the number of people, your tastes, etc.). And not only, The Menu Factory gives you recipes, but it also lists the races.

To follow these recommendations, it is better to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables and, as far as possible, from a local agriculture, close to the place where you reside. It is often more advantageous financially: you can buy in life on the spot, sometimes even picking or picking yourself, the less beautiful maybe even cheaper but just as good.

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