Evolution of Physical Activity Measured by Accelerometry After Bariatric Surgery

Introduction and purpose of the study Bariatric surgery results in major weight loss, improvement of co-morbidities in obesity and physical capacity (VO 2 max). The evolution of habitual physical activity remains controversial, depending on the measurement tool: the […]


Meal Planning: Association With Diet Quality and Weight Status

Introduction and purpose of the study Meal planning has been suggested as a solution to the increasing time constraint described as a barrier to “homemade” meal preparation and thus to the use of industrially prepared […]


The Essentials for Effective and Easy-to-make Natural Makeup

There are two principles I would like to share with you today: 1- it is not necessary to have a hundred makeup products to be well made up; 2- the best products are not always […]

Healthy Food

Damaged Teeth: How to Find the Smile?

A beautiful smile is not just a question of teeth or whiteness! Moreover, everyone does not have the same idea of the ideal smile: some are embarrassed by teeth too far apart when others are happy […]

Pain Management

Anti-Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Food (paleo)

Why is paleo an anti-pain diet? This kitchen “anti pains”, also called the paleo plan, is a diet based on raw products, non-industrial, no grain and no legumes. That is, an anti-inflammatory diet. A real detox cure […]


All About Fitness Supplements

We see every day on the internet and social networks the promotion of fitness supplements that promise us faster results or a record muscle gain. What about, is it really helpful, should you take supplements and […]


Choose Your Fruit Juice (or Vegetables)

Eating fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities is mandatory to be in good health. But it is not always easy to eat enough and many are turning to fruit juices (or vegetables). So is it really a […]


5 Tips to Choose Your Gym

When you decide to get into sport, going to the gym is often the best way to get motivated! But beware, if you choose your gym badly, you could quickly demotivate … Here are my 5 […]


Fitness Traning | Healthy Fitness Tips

Find in this section all my Fitness tips to help you achieve the body of your dreams! Workouts, tips, supplements but also test other sports activities or interview, you can find everything on this page! MY […]


Improve Sports Performance With Proper Nutrients?

We all know that sufficient exercise, sleep, relaxation, and nutritious food is important for good health. Fortunately, for many people, especially among the younger generation, sports have become an important lifestyle element. But, without the right […]