You Practical Guide to Eating a Healthy Pizza

By Yvonne

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Pizza is a global and delicious meal that we all love. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. You just need to shop around for a pizza shop in New York and make a call. Your pizza will be delivered right at your doorstep.

This convenience makes it a preferred meal especially if you want to grab a quick meal hassle-free. However, for people watching weight or on a diet, eating pizza is accompanied by guilt.


You feel that you are not being true to self and you are eating the wrong food for your weight loss journey. However, you can enjoy a pizza and still achieve your weight loss goal. For a healthy pizza, follow the guidelines below.

The crust

The type of pizza you settle for once you visit a pizza outlet, will determine how healthy your pizza is going to be. If you are healthy conscious and wish to enjoy a delicious pizza choose a crust made from whole wheat.

A pizza made of whole grain wheat will give your body fiber which is an essential component in your diet. If your body does not tolerate gluten, you may opt to go for a grain-less crust. All you need is to check for a pizza shop in New York that makes healthy pizzas.

Portion control

Just like any other food, serve your pizza in small pieces. You may be tempted to go for the large portion because of the delicious nature of the pizza. You lie to yourself that you will just eat two pieces and share out the rest. Wrong!

Once you start devouring the delicacy, you will be surprised you consumed the entire pizza. If you are on a weight loss journey, portion control in all your meals is vital. Ask for the smallest piece and enjoy it with salads and fruits.


To give your pizza that delicious taste, tomato sauce is a major ingredient. It is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C will keep colds at bay, and give you a healthier body. For a healthy pizza, order one with low sodium sauce.

Avoid cheese

You may love cheese but this is one component you should knock out from your pizza. Cheese contains a high amount of fat. If you are watching your weight, any food that contains excessive fat is your number one enemy. Therefore, order for pizza which contains no cheese at all. Instead, incorporate a salad to make it healthier.

Vegetable toppings

Vegetables are always welcome in any meal. They add essential nutrients and make a balanced diet. Therefore, when choosing a topping for your pizza, go for a vegetable topping.

Pizza outlets are coming up with creative and healthy ways of making a vegetable topping. There are more additions to the vegetable toppings than the contemporary ones. Talk to your pizza outlet for more vegetable variety in your pizza.

Avoid processed meat

Opt for chicken instead of processed meat in your pizza. Processed meat will load your body with all manner of saturated fats and excessive sodium. You can save yourself fat accumulation by choosing white meat instead of the red and processed types of meat.

Whether you want to enjoy pizza, sandwiches, and desserts like cakes what matters are the portions. You can enjoy these delicacies without feeling guilty.

Observe the tips above and enjoy your pizza without judging yourself. However, remember to incorporate exercise to help burn the calories.

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