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June 9, 2017 Fashion No comments

Cashmere sweaters are amazing but cheap ones are not good and good ones are not cheap. So, what do you do? First off don’t panic, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a quality turtleneck cashmere sweater unless you really want to. The following will help you when shopping for a cashmere sweater.

In another post, we explained what a cashmere sweater is. First, check the number of plies. The tag should say how many plies the sweater is made of. You’ll want a sweater with at least two plies however, 3 or 4 ply cashmere sweaters are best. Next, stretch it out a bit and see how it returns to its shape.

In order to understand pilling, it is when the fibers twist around themselves which is a result of friction during wear in common areas such as armpits or how you would wear a bag with it, where the strap rubs. Pills on a cashmere women’s sweater look like snags or fuzzies. Price and quality don’t matter for pills, snags will happen if you aren’t careful. There are solutions to this problem. You can buy a sweater comb or de-pilling stone to remove the pills and fuzzies. This will help restore the softness and look of your cashmere long sweater or petite cashmere cardigan.

You can keep a crew neck cashmere sweater in tip top shape if you treat it right. You can’t go too wrong by taking it to the cleaners to have it dry cleaned. However, you can gently hand wash it or wash it on the gentle cycle of your washing machine. Whatever you do, watch how you store it! Don’t hang it on a hanger otherwise you’ll ruin the shoulders and all that money you spent on that beautiful v neck cashmere cardigan will have been for nothing. Moths love cashmere and anything else so you might just want to store it in an air tight bag or storage container with a couple of cedar balls.

Quick guide to help you buy cashmere sweaters

Cashmere is one of the finest materials you can get in a lightweight cashmere sweater. Cashmere is soft, warm, and cozy on cold winter days. Shopping for women’s cashmere cardigan sweaters can be difficult at times. You have to consider price, quality, brand, etc. The following will help you understand what to expect when looking for fine cashmere sweaters online.

First off, what sets cashmere aside from wool is it is very soft and luxurious. This isn’t to say that some blends of wool can’t be just as soft however. Cashmere comes from goats, special goats that is. We’re talking about goats that live in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and China, hand fed, teeth brushed every night, tucked in and sang a lullaby to so they don’t stress out their fleece……you get the idea. This is why cashmere is so special end expensive. It isn’t harvested from run of the mil field alpacas and goats.

What makes a lightweight cashmere sweater so expensive is the fiber. Quality cashmere can cost $50 a pound alone! Quality cashmere is an investment which is why the best women’s cashmere sweaters come with a premium price tag.

So how do you spot a quality cashmere sweater cardigan? The texture is important. The way a ladies’ cashmere sweater is milled determines the texture. It may feel soft at first but if it is over milled, pilling is a problem. If cashmere is under milled it won’t feel like cashmere, it’ll feel more like regular wool.

Give a cashmere sweater hoodie a little pull when testing it out. See how it springs back. Quality cashmere, cashmere sweaters should be tightly woven.

The main difference between cheap and quality cashmere is the number of plies. A quality cashmere sweater should be two ply at minimum. 3 ply cashmere sweaters are optimal and should be listed on the tag. So, now that you know the basics about cashmere sweaters, happy shopping!

Shopping tips for buying a women’s cashmere sweater

Ladies, we all know cashmere sweaters are the Cadillac of sweaters. They’re soft, chic, stylish, timeless, and expensive, right? Wrong! You would be surprised at how much the price has gone down on cashmere cardigan sweaters these days. Fzillion.com has well over 100 cashmere cardigans and sweaters in stock starting at only $150. For just around $200 or so you can buy a beautiful red cashmere sweater women look great in such as the boyfriend cashmere sweater by Minnie Rose. This sweater goes with anything. It’s a bit oversized so you’ll want to wear skinny jeans or leggings with it so you don’t look frumpy. Accessorize it with a small necklace and cute earrings and you’re ready for a casual Friday at work.

Vince is another amazing Fzillion.com designer. Their directional rib blue cashmere sweater women look stylish in has a mock neckline and subtle ribbed texture.

When visiting Fzillion.com for women’s cashmere sweaters sale and regular priced items you get 3-day free shipping and free return shipping. If you find you don’t really like how the cardigan cashmere sweaters you just ordered look on you, just return them and exchange them for something else. A long cashmere cardigan sweater may have looked better on the model or perhaps you saw a cute cashmere silk sweater you prefer instead. No matter, just return it free and get what you want.

While it can be hard to buy cashmere sweaters because you have to account for pilling, brand, style, weave, etc. Fzillion’s free return shipping takes the pain out of having to drive down to a store to return an unwanted sweater, wait in line, and get distracted by sale items, and before you know it you’re late for dinner! With online shopping at Fzillion.com you can take your time to browse through all their great fashions and get them in just 3 days or less.

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