Why your website get a penalty from Google?

By Yvonne

May 19, 2017 SEO No comments

Google and its regulations are always standing at the peak on your business content and all the works which are related to offline and online SEO. There are various rules and guidelines of Google which violation result in Google penalty. SEO Agency in Sydney with expertise SEO expert always works according to Google algorithm and by abiding Google’s rule.
Now, what is Google penalty actual is?
Google has been changing its page ranking algorithm since 2000. Over the next decade, Google has dramatically updated and introduced various algorithm systems which have changed the world of internet to a great extent related searching option and result for the user. Then Google has launched
• Google Panda
• Google Penguin
• Google Pigeon
• Google Payday Update
• Google Pirate Update
• Google Hummingbird
• Google Mobile-Friendly Update
• Google EMD (Exact Match Domain)
Violation of their rules makes your site penalized for various reasons such as:
1. Buying links: expert has proclaimed buying links does not result in better site rank. Initially, you can get rank, but future is in the dark region.
2. The Excessive practicing of the reciprocal link: exchanging links is a sober marketing technique, but if you are, making it vigorously more then it will eventually result in bad SEO practices.
3. Plagiarized content: this is the most important reason for penalizing by Google. Copy content from other site and the link will result in spamming and makes you breach of Google rules. There are many sites which are suffering from this issue of duplicate content.
4. Keyword stuffing: it is very immature practice by many companies where they believe keywords traffic is the only method to get rank high on search engine result pages. The truth is none of these methods are proven, and higher keyword density is the reason for poorly written content. If Google detects more top keywords of stuffing of keywords, then your site will automatically penalize by Google.
5. Broken external links: if you are not keeping up to the date of your link what you have created Google will automatically detect those sites, and you will witness 404 error pages to those links which are known as broken external links.
6. Use of anchor text excessively: earlier SEO expert worked on linking certain keywords with a view to supporting their website and keywords. But due to the update of Google Penguin in 2012, the use of over anchor text is abolished. Make it the real and ethical way of delivering right anchor text according to your keywords and business description this will result in better page rank.
7. Too many outbound links: when linking your site to another website, make it seem normal. Too much link creation is also resulting in penalized by Google because it means you were doing this only for SEO which is avoiding Google algorithm rules.
If you are wondering SEO services in Sydney then go with expertise SEO service provider who knows and deal with white SEO methods only. The core and simple practices for not getting penalized by Google are: practicing white SEO techniques with proper methodologies and practices supporting Google standards and enhance your site growth for long-term concern.

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