Why is the Popularity of IB Schools Increasing in India?

By Yvonne

July 16, 2017 Education No comments

Today, parents who want their children to achieve success in life by excelling in academics, have understood the need for quality education. At the age of rapid globalization, such hopes and aspirations have attained a new degree. Modern parents are now looking forward to providing world-class education with global recognition to their children and that is probably why the demand and popularity of International Baccalaureate (IB) schools have increased with time.  Why is the Popularity of IB Schools Increasing in India?.Why is the Popularity of IB Schools Increasing in India

However, Indian parents should not be worried about this because a number of educational institutions in India are following IB curriculum and syllabus till the higher secondary levels. Here, we will stress on why the popularity of the IB schools is increasing in India.

IB is Recognized in Every Corner of the World

Schools following this international system of education have made their presence felt in India. Parents concerned about their children’s success are leaning more towards such institutions because IB curriculum, syllabus and the entire process of education is recognized by the world’s leading universities.

High-quality Educational Programme

IB has accredited as many as 4000 schools across the world with more than 70,000 teachers. However, it is not easy for educational institutions to get the IB recommendation because there are a lot of criteria that an institute needs to fulfill in the process.

The IB recommended schools are enjoying numerous benefits for their popularity in India, as well as, in the world, for their high-quality educational programmes and commitment to providing education that will support the development of knowledge and curiosity among the students from the best IB schools in Pune and in the rest of India.

A Worldwide Network of Schools

The chain of IB world schools is like a network of institutions that have been working as a union to share the best academic practices. The educators associated with the IB schools have been enjoying the opportunity of involving in personal interaction, with other educators, in various countries. This works as an inspiration for them.

No matter where the institution is situated in India, an IB school should be regarded as an international school. The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has already recognized the credentials of the IB curriculum and syllabus. IB schools in India have also been recognized as an entry-level qualification to all Indian universities.

IB Students Score Better than Non-IB Students

A global survey conducted between 2015 and 2016 revealed that the students following the IB curriculum and syllabus are performing better than the non-IB students. The study also showed that students from IB affiliated schools complete their graduation or diploma faster than the students from other schools.

Why is the Popularity of IB Schools Increasing in India?


IB schools teach and motivate their students to develop multicultural ethos through value-based education that subsequently help them become responsible citizens of the world.

IB schools do not only focus on quality education, but also help their pupils to understand world culture and environmental factors, so that they can make the world a better place to live.

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