Why Is Glaucoma So Dangerous?

By Yvonne

March 28, 2017 Health No comments

If you value your eyesight and you want to keep it, you may want to understand a little more about why glaucoma is so dangerous and why you must watch out (no pun intended), for the symptoms of glaucoma.

This eye disease gradually takes over your field of vision and could possibly leave you blind if left unchecked and untreated.


It takes nothing to make a quick visit to the doctor and do a couple of eye tests that could save your vision.

Why Is Glaucoma So Dangerous?

What do you look out for?

The first problem you may experience with glaucoma is a smaller peripheral view in your vision.  Corners can become blurred and out of focus leaving you with a centered view.


If any degradation of your visual field occurs, it could be on of the  signs of glaucoma.   It can deteriorate quite slowly which makes it a lot harder to pick up on as you may not notice a 1% loss of vision, even if it’s a yearly occurrence and then, all of a sudden you notice after a decade that something’s wrong – But is it too late?


The good news is that with treatment and testing, doctors at least have a chance to save you vision and prevent the blindness associated with glaucoma.


What are the tests?

Okay, don’t panic yet because the tests are not invasive.  Most of the glaucoma tests simply test your eyesight to see your range of vision and to look for certain visual cues that will alert the specialist as to what specific glaucoma related problem you may have with your eyesight.

A simple ophthalmoscopy can tell the doctor a lot about your eye muscles and whether or not you have the typical fluid blockage associated with glaucoma.


What are the treatments?

Sometimes glaucoma treatment might be as little as some eye drops, then again, sometimes it may require corrective surgery to drain the eye fluid and release the built up pressure that causes the eye problem to begin with.


Many people have treatments and prevent blindness and are able to live a happy, healthy life with a full spectrum of visual capabilities.  This is not always the case, though.


Some people who leave their glaucoma untreated for too long will sometimes find themselves with permanent damage that can not simply be reversed.  This is why the focus on understanding how to take care of your eyesight os so important and why regular trips to an eye care specialist are an integral part of the prevention of eye disease and potentially damaging results.


Nearly 1 in 30 people will have or do have a glaucoma related issue that requires some form of medical treatment.   Every single day it’s left unseen, could be another step closer to irreversible blindness and when you think about just how preventable this is, it would be a real shame to see this happen to someone you know, or even to experience it yourself.


In Conclusion

Making a conscious effort to make eye care an important part of one’s health routine could be the difference between sight and no sight, so the importance of this can not be stressed enough.

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