Why Entrepreneurs are Interested in Collaborative Consumption

By BonnieLeggo

February 7, 2017 Business Fature No comments

Collaborative consumption is changing the rules of the service market, thanks to the large number of online platforms like Business Study Notes that facilitate the offering of these services. From transportation to tourist accommodation or the provision of teaching services; many are the sectors in which collaborative consumption becomes hollow. For many professionals this can be a problem, since many of these services are provided by non-professionals or, at least, potentially have professional services affected.

But this consumer trend is unstoppable. And, as an Entrepreneurship business, you have several options: you can consider it a part of the competition, you can fight against it as unfair competition or you can take advantage of the trend to your advantage. The choice will depend on how much collaborative consumption affects your business.


Here are some ideas in which a company affected by this trend of collaborative consumption can take advantage of its own benefit:

Collaborative Consumption can be a new Distribution Channel for your Business

If you have a company creating web pages, for example, you can use one of the many service platforms freelance to offer their services. In these platforms you will find methods of direct contact with your potential customers that you have never encountered before. The same can be done in many sectors.

 Create a Small Collaborative Consumer Space in your Business

This is good for both online businesses and traditional businesses. Some retail companies have successfully implemented consistent strategies in allowing their customers to sell their second-hand products in a reserved space in their stores. You can also open a collaborative space on your website for professionals who offer complementary services or products that you offer. The possibilities are many.

Look for your own Opportunity by Identifying a Niche

If you look at the latest developments in consumer collaborative platforms, you will find that there are many options. Some are based on very simple ideas, like sharing transport, offering some type of personal service, etc. Others are more sophisticated, and are related to the world of tourism, experiences, etc.

What is clear is that the collaborative consumer market is growing, because everyone wants to save money and many people are demanding jobs or alternative sources of income.

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