Why Do You Need To Invest In Social Media Animated Video Production

By Yvonne

January 29, 2017 Technology No comments

Social media has become a powerful tool in today’s world. Marketers use animated videos on social media as a powerful marketing tool. While scrolling down your social media accounts, you must have come across certain videos of reputed brands, which if catches your eyes, you take out time to have a look at it. This is what social media marketing is all about!

Let’s break this point and explain in simple words, why you need to invest in social media animated video production.

If you use animated video on social media and make it mobile friendly or responsive for all types of screens, you will invite more engagement of social media users and interactions with your animated video and consequently get more leads and conversions. There’s more to it. Read on!


More User Engagement

Previously, texts and pictures were the only things shared on the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But, ever since, the social media have added a video component in its arena, marketers have become more acquainted of driving user engagement by uploading informative animated videos. Let’s take the example of Facebook. When a user watches an informative animated video, he/she shares it and more people watch it, again, in turn, sharing it and this process continues. Animated videos on social media reportedly create double user engagement than that of the images.

Great way of storytelling

It is not easy to get user’s attention in today’s digital space. You have to think out of the box to draw in traffic. The animation is a great way of storytelling and you can grab the user’s attention, by creating informative animated videos. Research have shown that people on social media are generally restless and they tend to overlook boring contents and boring videos. A well created, funny, informative and explanatory animated video can compel users to watch it fully and then share.

Animated videos are compelling

People miss their childhood and often connect to animated videos more than their other counterparts. Though this is a new trick in social media marketing, long back Walt Disney had started this in a different arena when he invented Mickey Mouse and the kids welcomed it ever since.

Lots of creativity and cost effective

Animated videos offer a great way to show creativity as more and more experiments can be done with them. Whereas a compelling video requires searching for a good location, actors to be in it, animation is something which will send your message to the users, as well as will be cost effective. All you need to do is hire a good Animated video production company, who will take care of all your business needs and create the videos accordingly. This makes it budget friendly.

So, if you are looking for a great way to market your brand, make use of social media animated videos as these are highly effective. Look for a good animated video production company that will suit your budget and help your business marketing by creating videos in different languages.

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