Why are the Instagram stores becoming so popular these days?

By Yvonne

July 18, 2017 Marketing No comments

Social media is grasping the virtual world in every way possible. There are so many different types of use to which your social media accounts can be put to. With the advent of technology the internet is becoming more important than ever, and along with it, the influence of social media is also increasing. There are so many different social media accounts today, and millions of people across the world have access to them. Why are the Instagram stores becoming so popular these days?.

Why are the Instagram stores becoming so popular these days?

With so many active users of the social media accounts every day who stay logged in for hours, the social media sites are offering an excellent opportunity for business as well. Surveys show that online shopping is a primary activity that the new generation spent much time in and combined with the outreach provided by social media, business and marketing has taken up a whole new meaning for them. One of the most popular social media applications is the Instagram. With 6 million active users and growing every month, they have everything you need for a promotional purpose. This has given rise to the Instagram stores which are so popular these days.

What is an Instagram store?

As the name suggests, this is a business page which evolves based solely on the features of the software. The business is being promoted and conducted online alone through this account, and nothing about it can be found offline. The entire store idea revolves around the followers it has on Instagram and other social media. Instagram stores can be for different items and products. The followers and prospective buyers can go through the images that the brand is uploading and direct message them about the prices and decide on the shopping in Instagram itself. Some brands opt to link their Whatsapp number along with the store and allow the buyers to interact with them on the phone. The payments are done through bank transactions and sometimes through cash on delivery, and the product reaches you within the time span the brand has promised.

Why are the stores gaining popularity?

One of the primary reasons why some brands are opting for their own Instagram store is that you hardly need any initial capital to open an Instagram store. There is no added charge for business profiles on Instagram, and unless you are opting for sponsored promotion, you can quickly ensure your profile is attractive and visible to users through the various hashtags you use. Since there are so many users of the Instagram today, the business through this social media site is becoming easier.
Many users use Instagram very actively and often check through the various types of hashtags and the images which are available. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and hence Instagram followers are also opting for shopping through the Instagram stores. Also, the price and rates of such stores are more competitive compared to a decent e-commerce website mostly because these websites charges from sellers for using their site for sales but there are no such additional costs on Instagram. You can use the service of Gramista to make your Instagram store even more famous.

Is it safe?

While there are hundreds of Instagram stores today, it cannot be told in a fool proof manner that all of them are reliable and genuine to shop from. Incidents of fraudulence have happened time and again in such stores, and unless you are cautious enough and check certain factors for yourself on your own, you cannot say that Instagram is safe enough for shopping. The buyers and the Instagram followers should ensure they have interacted enough with the seller through phone if possible. Take their email address and if possible check the personal profile of the vendor on Facebook.

Why are the Instagram stores becoming so popular these days?


Understand about their business policy well and try to get an idea about their reputation as a business from their various social media profiles and reviews provided by previous buyers. Some of the Instagram stores have a tendency to upload screenshots of the conversation they had with clients regarding successful sales of the product and you can get a fair idea about them from here. Opt for those stores which offer cash on delivery to you for a safer shopping experience. Unless you are very sure about them, do not divulge your bank details to them.

How can you start your store?

Decide a brand name that is catchy and easy to remember at the same time. The profile name should be the brand name. Design a logo as well for the brand for the profile picture. Upload images of the products you have on the page with proper caption and descriptions. Mention the prices as well in the caption. Use the right hashtags so that the profile can be easily found.

Follow back everyone who follows your page. At the same time, like and comment on pictures uploaded by prospective buyers. They are likely to follow the like or comments and then check your profile. If they like what they see, they will follow. Keep the prices reasonable and always be there to reply your prospective clients regarding all the queries that they have. Make sure that you are available and active to serve your client’s ad provide them the information they want. Keep some payment options available for your customers so that they can quickly make payments without any trouble at all.


Instagram stores have various attractive products at low rates which make them so popular. Since the Instagram have so many users who are always active, the stores get huge exposure as well when you are persistent about the business you conduct. Hence the stores are becoming more and more popular these days.Why are the Instagram stores becoming so popular these days?.

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