What Is The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2017

“What programming languages should I learn in 2017?” is one of the very common question for beginners who has just started learn coding. It’s a bit of an impossible question, because it depends on what you want to do.
There are many different programming language available to choose. You can choose the programming language according to your needs like app development, web design, web application, etc.
Programming languages serve different purposes at different times. The usefulness of programming language depends on richness of the ecosystem, the level of language acceptance in the various domains, and level of support from the user community.


1. Python / Ruby / PHP : Server side language for develop websites and mobile apps.
2. Objective-C / Swift : For develop iPhone applicaons.
3. HTML : Client-side markup language for websites. Markup language is used for building web sites.
4. CSS : Client side language for websites. It is a presentation language for HTML.
5. JavaScript : Client side scripting language for websites used to manipulate HTML and CSS.
6. Java : For Android development programming.
7. C/C++ : For develop a video games.

Several languages are especially versatile for many application domains and lots of jobs are available
• Java
• Python
• C++


JavaScript is not versatile because it is used for both front and back ends web development. It is not used for outside of web development. JavaScript not accepted in mobile, desktop, games and IoT.
PHP is not versatile because it is used for back end web development.
Objective-C is not versatile because it is used for macOS and iOS.
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So the best language is either Java or Python. Because python is easy to learn and you don’t need any experience of coding and programming knowledge. If you are interested in data science, web applications and machine learning python is one of the best option for you.
If you are interested in android applications development then java programming language is the best for you. For apple application development you should go for swift language. If you want to make video games then C++ is the best option. For window applications C# is the best.
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So, what programming language should you learn first is based on which of these programming languages suits your need and interested. I hope this article help you to decide the best programming language you should learn first in 2017. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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