Use of Anavar Independently and as stacks for Men

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Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is used to bring about weight loss in men while they are in the cutting phase and it is supposed to help them maintain the muscle mass then.  Oxandrolone is marketed by the name Anavar,which is derived from dihydrotestosterone. The Anavar is supposed to be well-suited for use by men as it produces only mild androgenic effects and it also does not interfere with the body’s natural production of testosterone. You can get the very best Oxandroloneresults, with minimum side effects.

What is Anavar?

Oxandrolone has a chemical formula C19H30O3 and it finds is place as an alpha alkylated steroid  by virtue of the changes made in its structure at C17. It is one of the mildest steroids, which is less or not toxic to the liver.

Anaavar only cycle

Anavar only cycles are usually followed by beginners or those who are taking steroid for the first time, because they will be able to prevent the side-effects and also to ensure that they will be able to tolerate steroids. Since Anavar is particularly gentle on the HPTA- Hypo thalamic Testicular Pituitary Axis, most men are able to handle daily doses of it are ranging around 80mg without much side effect. But since this is a very mild steroid, larger doses may be required to lose weight and build muscle mass as expected.

Results of Anavar only cycle

  • Studies indicate that taking Anavar helped to reduce abdominal and visceral fat
  • Another study showed that there was a reduction in total fat with Anavar doses as low as 20mg/day also, without additional exercise.
  • Weight gain in the form of muscle mass that resulted using Anavar was retained even for a period of six months after stopping to take Anavar.
  • You can gain weight, lose weight or do both, and the results could last for months.
  • 83% of persons who lost weight taking Anavar, happened to lose the fat around their abdomen.

Anavar as a Stack

Anavar is the most preferred steroid to be used as a stack, because it can help you to increase the dose of steroid you take without increasing the side effects. Since Anavar is mild steroid you can get the very best Oxandrolone results when it is stacked with Testosterone, Winstrol or Clen.  Though Anavar is not suitable for men athletes who are looking to bulk up, they are good for men who want to add another high quality steroid to the one they are already taking to enhance performance in the cutting cycle.

Results of Anavar as stack

  • It helps shed fat at a rapid pace
  • It helps to retain the muscle mass
  • It is best to use in the cutting cycle

Anavar is the mildest steroid on the market. It is also considered as a steroid that can surely produce results with very little or practically no side effects. It is also an excellent stack for many other strong steroids, but the right usage only would produce the expected results.



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