Types of Diamond Cuts

The criteria for evaluating the quality and value of a diamond, set by the internationally accepted GIA (Gemological Institute of America), are measured using four standards known as the 4C’s: cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Virtually any jeweler or gemologist will tell you, however, that the cut of a precious stone is its most important attribute because precious stone cut has the greatest overall impact on the stone’s beauty, cost and durability. Diamonds cut heavily impacts a diamond’s three critical features: scintillation (or sparkle), elegance and fire, all mentioning color and brightness and just how light is reflected outside the body and dispersed within the diamond.

It is the cut of a precious stone that influences just how light journeys through the gem, how much is reflected to the eye and how much leaks out the back. A radiant cut diamond gives off more dazzling sparkle and shine, therefore being more highly respected. A precious stone that is cut poorly or thin will have a whole lot of light leakage, getting rid of its potential for luster, and diminishing its value. It takes great skill and craftsmanship to renovate a precious stone in the difficult into a dazzling treasure.


For diamonds used in jewelry, there are several types of precious stone cuts and styles, each having their own unique characteristics that determine their quality. The condition of the diamond, though, is merely a tiny piece of what happens into their precious stone cut grade. The precious stone cut grade pertains more to how balanced the precious stone is. When diamond jewelry are cut into forms, flat, polished surfaces called “facets” are intentionally created. Diamonds that are minimize proportionately, with a good relationship between the diamond’s size, condition and viewpoint of each of it is facets, are given an improved cut rating.

There are a handful of precious stone facet slicing techniques that are most widely used in the art of modern precious stone cutting, each with their own unique light expression properties. The most frequent cut routine is brilliant-cut faceting, which is employed in many types of precious stone cuts. The brilliant-cut is employed in many different precious stone styles including, round, princess lower, oval, marquise, pear condition and trilliants. The brilliant-cut creates triangular shaped features that all reflect light out from the centre of the diamond, ensuing in incredible, scintillating shimmer. Other types of reductions, such as emerald trim, asschers, baguettes and carats, are faceted in different ways, known as step-cutting. These kinds of shapes have a square or square outline, where the facets are pointed and arranged in a series of steps similar to a staircase. These kinds of precious stone cuts have a quieter glow than cushion cut diamond, however. Zero matter how they’re lower, diamonds will always be a girl’s best good friend.

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