Top home remedies to get rid of unwanted pregnancy

By Yvonne

November 11, 2017 Health No comments

Bringing a baby into this world is exciting, but sometimes, it comes with a lot of troubles as well. You and your partner both the must be ready to take this important step. Because baby is your responsibility, therefore, you have to plan for it accordingly. But sometimes, you might not have planned for a baby but your plan goes unsuccessful. So, how can you get rid of unwanted pregnancy at the unwanted time? Many women prefer aborting their baby in the privacy of their homes as going to the doctor can be expensive as well as bothersome. You may either look for home remedies for unwanted pregnancy or take some abortion pill. But it is advisable to not to take any kind of abortion pill as it may have some side effects. Therefore, it is better to go for natural home remedies that do not have any side effects.

Here are some of the natural home remedies for unwanted pregnancy:
i) Papaya:
Professional doctors in countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India advise every pregnant woman to stay away from the Papaya fruit during pregnancy because Papaya has two enzymes, namely papain, and chymopapain. Both of these enzymes are abortifacient and teratogenic. The enzyme teratogenic is capable of affecting the physiological growth of the fetus, whereas abortifacient can lead to abortion of baby. Therefore, papaya can help you in aborting the baby.
ii) Sesame seeds with honey and water:
If you are searching the home remedies for unwanted pregnancy, then sesame seeds are the right choice for you. These seeds are considered best for miscarriage purpose. When these seeds are mixed with honey, it can help pregnant women to get the spontaneous abortion.
Add the sesame seeds to the bowl of water and let them soak in water for a night. Drink that water when you wake up in the morning. You can also take fried sesame seeds with an equal quantity of honey.
iii) Black cohosh:
Black cohosh is the most effective home remedy to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. This herb is helpful in preparing the uterus for the abortion of a baby. There is no doubt that black cohosh herb is safe to intake, but still, you should consult an experienced herbalist to ask required doses.
iv) Cinnamon:
Though cinnamon is categorized as a spice, it is really effective in aborting a baby at home. It is helpful in enhancing the uterus and thereby inducing the abortion easily. You don’t need to cook cinnamon to get miscarriage done successfully without any side effects. It can even prevent you from bleeding and therefore, helps in abortion without much pain.
v) Mugwort:
Also popular as Indian wormwood, it is a leafy plant that looks like parsley. If you want to abort the child, you have to consume the dried mugwort with a cup of water. Do not take an overdose as it can lead to renal failure. Make sure that you intake limited amount of herb to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
If you are really feeling disturbed because of unwanted pregnancy at unwanted time, you can get rid of it with the help of home remedies for unwanted pregnancy.

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