Things You Should Know About Street Legality Of Dirt and Pocket Bikes

By Yvonne

April 8, 2017 Transport No comments

Riding your dirt bike or super pocket bike around on the streets and forest is pretty cool and awesome. Right! It is the time when you experience one of the most joyous moments. The pretty loud voice of the bike further adds to the coolness of it. However, seeing a rider atop a tiny motorized bike going at a fast speed make people think, if it is even street legal. There is a chance it may not be street legal. So, you would want to learn more about the laws related to its use among other important things.

So, let’s take a look at all these things:

State as well as local authorities federally enforce and mandate numerous laws that governs the street legality of a vehicle. You need to have an understanding of these laws so that you can certify your motorcycle for legal use on the highways and roads.


Each state has been allowed to authorize its own rules and regulations regarding the acceptable uses within its particular borders. Moreover, the local rules are the further strict additions to the federal laws.

When it comes to public roadways of many cities and states, it is illegal to ride a super pocket bike. There is a disparity between the small size of the bike and its high speed capability that makes it hard for other drivers to see them on the road. The pocket bike riders always need to keep this thing in mind.

There are many laws enacted by municipalities and states that ban the operation of mini motorcycles and super pocket bikes on roads, trails and public streets. The reason for this, especially in some states is because they aren’t equipped with particular features such as mirrors, signals and horns etc. So, in order to get your vehicle to be considered street legal, your motorcycle needs all these equipments according to some states’ traffic and vehicle codes.

Another important fact for the same is that super pocket bikes can’t be registered and insured, this makes them illegal in many states, to run on public roads.

These motorcycles present the same hazards as any other full sized regular motorcycles. There are the same possibilities of getting serious head injuries if an accident occurs. A pocket bike rider always need to wear a helmet that is approved by Department of Transportation.

Moreover, these bikes need to have DOT approved, headlight that has the function of high and low beam, battery powered tail and brake light, turn signals along with DOT approved fuel tank and tire should also be installed.

Also, you need to have the MC license or permit and should be insured. You need to have the registration of the same, must have an inspection, a working horn and brake on the wheel.

Your bike’s fuel system should be leak proof. You also need to have a speedometer and odometer along with having a kick stand, of course.

These are a few of the things regarding the legality of your mini motorbike but there is some leeway for states in the application of these rules. Some may require you to follow them while others may not. So, if your super pocket bike or dirt bike is not street legal, get it legalized and enjoy your next ride!

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