The Ultimate Guide To Underfloor Heating NZ For Bathroom Space

By Yvonne

June 9, 2017 Business No comments

Underfloor Heating has always been an important concept in all homes whether new or renovated. It is important because, first of all, it is a space saver when it comes to bathroom heating. The bathroom is probably the smallest room in your home and thus it may not be possible to fit or install the conventional heating systems in it. Having main heat source at the room’s lowest point is very efficient for the reason that as the heat rises, it will give you the pleasure and comfort of stepping on to warm floor after shower or bath.

Although the initial cost of installation may be a bit higher as compared to the other heating solutions, the truth is that under tile heating has lower running costs. The costs of installation and the necessity of floor replacement make it a less viable option for those operation on strict budget. All in all, underfloor heating NZ is a great investment worth undertaking as it can save you a lot of money on energy bills. Being the best alternative to the conventional radiators, the under tile heating may be the best solution to the minimalist and contemporary bathroom designs.


The following are the various options and choices available

The wire systems and the wet systems:

There are two major underfloor heating options namely wire systems and wet systems. In the wet system, there is plumbing work as plastic pipes in series are laid on sub-floor before laying over of the final surface on the top. These pipes are connected to the home’s central heating system. Hot water is pumped through them and when the pipes get warm, they also warm the floor above them. The wire system on the other hand uses open-weave mesh mats which are placed under the existing floor and then connected to the main supply of electricity. Generally speaking the wet systems cost more to install as compared to the wire systems.

The installation process:

Installing underfloor heating NZ is a complex process that needs special skills. In fact, it is much more time consuming as compared to the other systems of heating. The time and labour required to install the under tile heating system varies depending on the project scale, the chosen type of system, and also the facilities in existence.

In order to achieve the maximum benefits of under tile heating of any type, it is important to ensure the floor is insulated properly so as to prevent wastage of energy through unnecessary or unprecedented heating of the timber or concrete substrate below the floor. The system of under tile heating can easily be installed under most of the floor types in NZ but some types such as laminate and vinyl flooring may not
be compatible.

Although some other types of floors are suitable, they may lessen the benefits from the floor heating. For instance, if the room has thick carpet, it will not offer as much benefit as the tiled floor. A professional and certified underfloor heating dealer or installer will advise you on the flooring type which is compatible with the type of heating you want to put in place.

The type of flooring:

The type of flooring in your home is very important and determines the type of underfloor heating you should choose. The tiles made from slate, stone, terracotta and ceramic are the best choice if you need underfloor eating system for places such as the bathroom. Different tiles have varying thickness. Thicker tiles take more time to warm up, but when they are armed to the ideal temperature they may warm the entire space and may also take on get to cool after the heating system is turned off.

There are some types of carpets which can be installed over floor that has underneath heating system. However, if the part is thick, it will absorb large amounts of heat and this has the effect of eradicating the much needed energy efficiency. Some flooring systems such as vinyl, laminate and timber require special heating considerations.

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