The most common mistakes in sports betting

The worst bets offered by the bookmaker

Some of the most popular bets on the market are not recommended. Two of them are very suitable to make you lose money and therefore, are the preferred bets in the community. If you resist these opportunities, you are like to end up saving money.

Live betting

Live betting for football and other sports have become one of the most popular features of online betting and the trend is to increase. There is a general feature of live betting: you will almost never find good value in this type of bet. It is not impossible to find quotas that are high, but it can be difficult. Bookmakers are very good at compiling live bets so you could only have a couple of seconds to place a decent bet. Many professionals are now looking for the same windows of opportunity, which makes them change quickly

Instead, this is what you should do

After focusing on what should not be done, we should now look at potentially good strategies to make a profit.

Find your perfect betting house

There are a number of issues to address, but one of the key requirements is to find the perfect bookmaker. Let’s be honest: it’s hard to find something that does not exist. Each bookmaker offers advantages and disadvantages and each customer has different needs in their bets.


But let’s try to shed some light in the dark of this matter. In general, bookmakers fall into several groups. Most of them are private companies with a long history, many features such as live streaming and a wide range of betting markets. Most of the fees are on average but they do not have the annoying tendency to limit successful customers. In the car sales business, these operators would be similar to the vans in that they are very comfortable, but slow. They are excellent for beginners but not for intermediate users or professional players who want to go fast.

Another type of operator is the exchange betting house. Clients do not bet against the bookmaker, but against each other. The odds are generally better and there are no limits. A disadvantage is that these sites require a bit of experience to understand them. The variety of sports is not so extensive and betting on smaller leagues is difficult. Some common features such as streaming and live betting are not available, additionally may not grant a welcome bonus for new customers. In the car analogy these types of betting exchanges could be described as small sports cars in that they are difficult to use but fast and powerful.

A third group are private bookmakers that try to handle the winners in a different way than their competitors. Although they are private and always try to make a profit, they are distant from the largest and most popular operators in the sector. Examples of this type are Pinnacle Sports and SBObet, an Asian bookmaker popular with sports bettors. In terms of odds, they can compete with betting exchanges, but in the field of ease of use they fall. In addition, most of them are not regulated in Europe, but if you feel like betting based on a Curacao or Asian license these operators should be your first choice.

Bookmakers are good for what they are

Please focus on the following features when choosing an online bookmaker and take a look at the general guide found later in this article.


Nothing is more important than good odds for the next event. If your bookmaker only offers average odds, you should find one that is best in this area. Comparing odds helps you find the best bookmaker. If you are not sure about reliability, you should do some research online. This process may take a couple of minutes, but avoid remorse over registration when you know that you could locate a bookmaker who offers better odds. Beginners are not too worried about the odds, but this can change.


Betting limits are not as important to the novice player but more experienced customers will be interested in them. If you are exceptionally successful in making your selections, private betting houses will notice you through their security procedures. Once you have been tagged they will limit your bets.

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