The Miller Act Claim and the ground rules to file a claim

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The basic information of the Miller Act:

If any construction is done on the federal property, then it is called the federal construction project. This project will be under the supervision of federal entities such as the engineers of Army Corps, the persons from the Department of particular Veterans Affairs and other legal entities written on the legal act. If you have such contract as the primary contractor, then you must have the legal papers of Miller Act Bond. On the second hand, if you are not a major contractor i.e. you are a sub-contractor on the federal construction project, then you must know that the Miller Act claim will charge you if you don’t get paid on the mentioned time.

If you have ever worked on the projects of general construction that include furnishing or building and you didn’t receive your payment on the particular specified time, then you can fill the form of Miller Act Claim. These claims are the primary source to ensure that the individual companies associated to work gets the timely payment or not. The businesses that are a bond for the individual projects will pay your mentioned claim if and only if the primary contractor doesn’t.

Whenever the general construction gets started, the prime contractor will sign the Miller Act Bond to ensure the timely payments for all mentioned subcontractors and also the material suppliers. One thing that is necessary to keep in mind is that the prime contractor of the project can’t fill the claim form of the Miller Act. All the other persons are free to fill the application form against the bond.

The general rules of the Miller Act Claim:

These are the general rules of the Miller Act Claim. Read the aggregate information to get the better understanding of this Act.

  • The primary contractor and doesn’t get paid, then you can file a case or claim according to this law against the government. Yu have to contact your lawyer to get better results according to this law.
  • If you are working under the primary contractor and doesn’t get paid by him or the company, then you have to file a claim against the prime There are many options available for you. First, you can sue them in the court for breaching the contract. Second, you can get paid by the Miller Act by suing them in the particular tribunal.
  • Suppose if you are a supplier and not getting your pay from the subcontractor, then you have the facility of Miller Act form. You can get the remedy of your work by suing them in the court under this act.
  • You also have the facility to sue the subcontractor for the particular project.

These are some of the ground rules under this act. You have to use this lawyer getting the right results for your project. Hire your lawyers to get the best and beneficial results from the Miller Act claim that you exactly want. You must have all the copies of the

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