Tapping Into the Growing Influence of Instagram to Improve Your SEO

By Yvonne

July 8, 2017 SEO No comments

Instagram is a great platform for showcasing aspects of your lifestyle (e.g., your vacation) or your work/business (e.g., new clothes in your boutique). But does your Instagram factor into your brand’s SEO strategy? Here, we take a look at some ways in which your brand can use Instagram for SEO and grow your presence on social media. Tapping Into the Growing Influence of Instagram to Improve Your SEO.

Instagram and SEO

Instagram has a robust search function that is centered on hashtags as well as location, brands and people’s names. In the same way you want to boost your visibility on major search engines such as Google and Bing, you also want to have control over what users see when they search your brand’s name or a hashtag related to it on Instagram.

Instagram to Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization and social media are interconnected. However, you might be wondering if social media engagement impacts your ranking on major search engines. Word in the SEO industry is that Google does not factor in social media in its ranking system.

But that is far from the truth; social media engagement is a result of amazing content, which in turn results in backlinks, mentions from your Instagram followers, repeat readers and lower bounce rates, all of which are SEO signals that attract the attention of search engines.

Cashing a strong Instagram presence

Type the name of a top celebrity into Google and their Instagram and/or Twitter account will feature among the top results. Rihanna is a perfect example. Search engines direct traffic to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Take note of this and ensure that your business has a complete and appealing profile.

Instagram’s native search allows you to search for people, places and hashtags. Moreover, the posts you ‘like’, your connections and the people you follow have an impact on your search results.

It is a well-known fact that running a number of social media accounts is not easy because your brand’s accounts on each platform need careful tending. That is in addition to running your own website. It is therefore advisable to have a simple, well-setup profile that includes all the relevant info about your business. Be sure to review your accounts at least twice every year.

If you work in the Human Resource Outsourcing department, for example, you might not be as adept at Instagram marketing as, say, a travel blogger, jeweler, etc., which is okay. Just keep in mind that most of the top accounts on Instagram are among the most active. The optimal frequency of posting varies from one brand to another.

Finally, in the event that major search engines such as Google and Bing do factor social media ranking, then having a strong presence on Instagram and other popular social media sites will greatly boost your market visibility.

Tapping Into the Growing Influence of Instagram to Improve Your SEO

When Google completes implementation of mobile-first indexing, social media apps such as Instagram will have a substantial effect on what or who shows up in organic search engines results on smartphones and tablets. So as a forward-thinking marketer, make sure your Instagram marketing game is at its best.

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