Stryktipsförslag: Stryktipset every Saturday

Every Saturday, Stryktips Johnny delivers exclusive stryktipsförslagfor thousands of football-hungry fans with the latest news on each team. We take the pulse of the teams and last match status and match prospects with the goal of together, as usual, go for 13 strikes.

Stryktipset at Svenska Spel

Since 1934 Svenska Spel has offered football fans in Sweden the opportunity to be able to tip 13 (initially 12), football matches. Football is derived mainly from England and the Premier League matches. Svenska Spel selects which games will be included in the round and you as a better has the opportunity to take some of the profits if you have 10 or more right in your betting slip.
As a better you can choose between different outcomes in the results. 1 × 2, which means: 1, if you believe the home team wins. X, if you think the game ends in a draw, or two, if you believe the away team wins. 13 correct, as we know, means respect, and means that you can win a large sum of money.
The name Stryktipset arose from the initial idea of you stroke over the team you thought would lose. In the beginning it was the 12 games included in the pools coupon. After 35 years it came to be changed and they added a match, which from 1969 is now 13. Football Pools has been the obvious choice when you want to play in English football, although in recent years there have been some other players on the market such as Betsson with their 1 × 2 variant.


Stryktipset today

The conditions to win is to have at least 10 correct and that the winning amount also exceeds 10 SEK. Could it be that the sum of all invested, divided by the number who play a particular week is less than 10 kronor, so instead retained the money and they are transferred to next week’s Stryktipsförslag. This is something that happens to and from, but even at 11 right, which a lot can get a portion weeks.
The cost of the tip is 1 SEK per staked row. Should you have any half and / or semi-doubles so adjusted price and it will be more expensive, depending on the game system (M, R or U system), use is made of. In gaming agents are the most common because they want you to submit at least two or more rows of participation, whereas if you play directly with Svenska Spel and leave in there, you can submit a single line.
Every Saturday before 15:59 pm Stryktipset has to be submitted to be approved, either on the net or in Svenska Spel, which since 1999 has subsequently offer games online and now also mobile. Svenska Spel promises that if you are alone in having 13 correct, you will win at least 10 million.

Stryktipsförslag in a brief:

Here is a summary of why Stryktipset and stryktipsförslag are so sought after:
• With only a penny per line the bet is low.
• With 13 correct, you have the opportunity to become a big winner, money attracts.
• Finished games allow you to rely on that Svenska Spel does the job for you.
• Established, trustworthy. Thanks to game shape around since 1934 lodges the great confidence among Swedish players.
• English football is great football. As simple as that.

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