Small Garden Spaces Can Appear Larger

Many people these days live in cities or towns that provide little in the way of enjoyable outdoor green spaces since these are sparse and far between. Those without green spaces of their own must venture into the countryside or visit the local park regularly.

For most people living in cities, it is impractical to simply leave the confinements of the city each time they feel the need to get out into green spaces. This may be you, but did you know you could start enjoying a green space of your own right outside your door. Following these basic and useful urban design tips can help.

Small Spaces Can Appear Larger

The effective use of basic design elements, even in the smallest outdoor spaces, should encourage anyone to turn their outdoor space into something amazing. Good planning is vital if you wish to be successful in transforming a modest amount of space into an appealing, and yes green, oasis. Before starting, it is recommended that you conduct some research into the type of materials and plants you would like to use since this will ultimately affect the overall design.

It is important that you avoid overcrowding your yard with too much stuff. To prevent creating a cramped space, be sure to space items in your yard properly while keeping in mind proportion and available space. Successful landscaping ventures typically depend on how realistically you maintain acceptable boundaries between all elements of your design.


Focal Point

You can make your outdoor space more interesting by incorporating a couple of unusual features into the design in specific locations. Such items as a birdbath or small fountain, but remember to keep things simple to maintain. Also, consider keeping the cost down and choosing features that are easy to install. A simple way of creating focal points in your small garden is the placement of small rocks that you have picked up somewhere. This is particularly effective when there are special memories attached to the stones. Doing this will keep the cost of your small oasis to a minimum.

Those living in larger homes in suburban neighborhoods might be able to build their garden outward to extend its reach. However, the area can be cramped on smaller lots of land when the house is in a city setting. In that case, building upwards makes for a more realistic option. Here raised flower beds and container gardens might be more suitable.

Harmony and Color

A key factor of designing a city garden is using various elements of your design that complement each other so that they exist harmoniously with each other. That means choosing colors creatively just as you would everything else. The wise use of color is a good way to make even small spaces appear larger than they are.

Two colors that are frequently used to make smaller spaces look bigger are blue and green. The Alberta pine and blue spruce are examples of using these two colors and they offer an ideal way of achieving your purpose. These are just suggestions, and you may want to experiment with color combinations of your own to give your garden a personalized look.

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