Sailing Along The Croatian Coast

By Yvonne

March 21, 2017 Travel No comments

There are few things that sailors love more than being afforded the opportunity to explore beautiful tropical vistas with various different points of interest to moor at and survey. The Croatian coast exemplifies just such an environment. Bordering the Adriatic Sea, the coastal area of Croatia offers warm and pleasant weather, steady winds and plethora of different islands for you to explore. Many sailors can easily spend a week or more cruising the coast at a leisurely rate, just soaking in the gorgeous environment and relaxing as they get to know the local culture. Let’s see what are some of the stand out attractive island locations that this country has to offer.


Galesnjak Island

Galesnjak has gained quite a lot of popularity when the users of Google Earth noticed its quite unique heart-like shape. And because of that Galesnjak island has earned new moniker of “The lover’s Island”. In keeping with its romantic geography, it features charming crystal clear water, often bordering up against clean white sandy beaches. It’s secluded nature is perfect for romantic getaways. Even if you choose not to stay there long, Galesnjak is a pleasure to simply sail by.

Ciovo Island

If you’re interested in natural wonders, then Ciovo may be worth a look. This island, located in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, sports some pine and cypress forests in its north. Olive and fig trees are there as well to balance things out. If your more sociable, Ciovo Town is one of the larger settlements in the area and has an active shipyard open for tourists, as well as several historical churches that any history buff should check out.

Lastovo Island

Lastovo has been historically known as a military island, and has only opened up to public vessels in the last couple decades. This combined with the fact that there’s only one human settlement being Lastovo Town, makes it a largely unspoiled paradise ripe for nature lovers or just those who enjoy quiet peaceful relaxation. This island is simply a daydream for active mystery chasers.

Hvar Island

Hvar is one of the main islands in Croatia, and a must see place when exploring the region. There’s several active in yacht charter in Croatia touring out of Hvar, so expect a lot of traffic as you make your way through the area. There’s also a lot of smaller islands surrounding Hvar, such as cave-riddled “Vis” island. If that’s not your thing, however, Hvar also offers several excellent locations to swim and even dive. If you’d prefer hiking instead, Hvar also has a mini mountain-range “spine” that should afford some rather lovely views at the peaks.

Brac Island

Perhaps the perfect contrast to Lastovo is Brac – a highly popular resort island, frequented by many visitors at any given time of the year. This is one of the larger islands in Croatia, coming in at nearly 400 km square. For many people first association to Brac Island is its world famous Zlatni Rat beach. Because of its unique and ever-changing shape, Zlatni Rat is attracting tens of thousands of visitors to the island each year. Nature lovers will also appreciate Vidova Gora – the highest peak in the Croatian Islands.

Ultimately these are just a few of Croatia’s bigger highlights. A sailor could spend months just exploring the coast and the nearby islands. Whether they’re discovering fascinating geological formations, surveying lush forest and plant life, or just kicking back and relaxing at a club or beach, Croatia has something to suit every mariner’s taste.

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