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We all know that the WhatsApp application almost won the world. Everyone is using this service for sharing information, therefore not only the information counterparts sharing of pictures, videos, files, gifs, audios, and so on. This service will help the user in many kinds and also we can send through any part of the world at the same data charge. This is one of the advantages of the WhatsApp application.
WhatsApp is an enormously useful way to keep in touch with the people who you need in your life all over the world for the free of cost. There is significantly much issue that the users can happen upon though, and that is when changing onto a new mobile phone by default their chats don’t come with them. This is due to the path the application stores content which is regional where it is rather than on web servers. If you still have your old mobile phone to the hand and have not transferred from the Android device to the iOS or any vice-versa, then it is still attainable to the rescue those old chats or conversation and just moves them secularly to a new home. Restore-the-old-message-on-new-login-in-WhatsApp-as-soon-asThis will help you to guide and therefore we will take you via the short process of copying and also bring back your digital written communication.
What new?
As the great and the necessary Whatsapp application is, it always had one important issue which all of us have come up against a situation when we have tried switching the mobile phones. It always meant the losing of some Whatsapp service messages or the data, specifically in the group chat conversation.
This is the latest process of disclosure was promoted by the serial leaker at the @WABetaInfo, who is the known for a trait, for a successfully leaking old Whatsapp features and specification in the past. On the Twitter app or site profile, @WABetaInfo has posted the various pictures of just how the Live Location broadcasting characteristics seem like on the beta versions of the app on the both iOS device and the Android device, respectively.
The number change feature of the application which is currently live on the beta version of the Whatsapp app service on its Windows Mobile phone and the Windows Phone platform and it will seemingly also let the Whatsapp users shows the notification select few, all or none of their contacts of your phone about the number change of yours.
Various reports for the app claim that this new specification will be incapacitated by default so that the Whatsapp application users will have to approach the app settings to turn it on over it.
This new feature has not yet come to a destination on the Android device or an iOS device, according to the Twitter image leaks in the site, but surely it is just a concern of time, right now and the high time of the Whatsapp application.
WhatsApp application is known for launching the new features that every now and then, in order to stay with it and ahead of the contest. Now, it looks like the messenger service app is testing out of something else and therefore something is more interesting to the user than ever earlier.
The much rumored one thing for the service feature is that would grant the users to take back messages which sent not done on purpose, is said to be on the way to the WhatsApp service which is pretty soon. In fact to that, there are some reports from some site that they actually help you to get the new specification along with others correct away, without the firm rolling it out in an official manner yet now.
The fixing this issue of the WhatsApp service is once and for all, if leaked the report’s analysis are anything to go by the service. Not only that the Whatsapp service will soon grant the Live Location sharing specification in the application, something that is better than the existent Drop Location Pin to the option, obviously then according to the beta versions of the app on the Android device and the iOS device, respectively.
How to back up the WhatsApp messages, how to give back WhatsApp messages to a new phone: iPhone
1. Attach the old iPhone to a power source and then turn on a Wi-Fi connection.
2. on the former iPhone – assuming that you are running iOS 8 or after that just tap Settings > iCloud service > Backup message. The Backup tab is near the bottom of the biggest group of the controls. In the case of iOS 7 or earlier version, you should touch the Settings > iCloud > touch Storage & Backup.
3. Then turn on the iCloud Backup.
4. Touch the Back Up Now on the screen, and wait for the moment where the backup action is to complete. You’ll want to remain connected to the Wi-Fi service for the whole of this process.
5. Now turn on your latest iPhone. If you haven’t done so before, you’ll want to go via the setup process. When asked, touch the Restore from the iCloud Backup service and the Next. If you have already been via the setup process, you’ll want to reset your new iPhone. Open the Settings application on the phone and touch General > Reset > Erase All the Content and the Settings.
6. Now enter your Apple ID and the Password.
7. Therefore now your new iPhone will show all your text messages from the old iPhone device, along with all your applications, pictures, e-mails and other application data.
How to back up the chat, how to give back WhatsApp messages to a new phone: Android device
The simplest way to back up and store the message again WhatsApp messages between the Android phone’s devices is to use the Google Drive since it is a free app that’s available to all the Android mobile phones. You can also use the SD memory card if one which is installed on your mobile phone but do so only if that SD memory card which can be introduced to your new phone device too.
1. Go to the WhatsApp app > More > settings > conversation and calls > backup.
2. Choose how repeatedly you would like to back up to your Drive or just tap back up to do a manual backup option in the app.
3. You can select to include or exclude media from the backup by changing on or off.
4. Tap on the backup over to select the type of connection you like to use for the backing up in the app. Note that the backing up over the mobile cellular connection may happen in extra data charges.
Just like any different exclusive therefore in addition to that, it so occurs that the privacy and the security problems are overflowing over the location sharing in it. When by using the WhatsApp live location sharing feature, you should also decide definitely which time and how to be or with whom it is to be shared. Some particular privacy settings may be get backed out later but for the comfortable of the users, the general settings should be ready as soon as the location sharing creates the availability. It will be in the course of time which is rolled out to users in various regions.
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