Packing for a Golfing Trip – Some Handy Tips to Consider

By Yvonne

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For most people, the worst thing about taking a vacation is packing! If you are bad at it, you have to face the dilemma of what to take and what not to take. You are always confused about whether to pack light or take everything you need. Packing becomes a nightmare when you are going on a golfing vacation. Along with essentials and daily use items, you will also have to take your golfing gear, which takes up a lot of space.

Instead of putting it off, you should pack well ahead of time so that you do not have to panic right before the trip. Below are some tips that will help you out.

What to pack for a golf trip?

Packing for golfing vacation may be a bit tricky if you are taking a flight. The more you pack, the more you need to pay. So, the ideal approach is to pack economically. Let’s discuss how even an amateur packer can do it.

• Avoid additional hold baggage

Hold baggage refers to luggage that is checked in and kept in the aircraft hold from the time you board the plane till the time you reach your destination. Ideally, the only thing that should go in the hold luggage is your golf gear. The rest of the items should go into the travel bag or be kept as hand luggage.

• Make maximum utilisation of space

Take advantage of the available space to the maximum. For example, you can neatly fold your shirts, trousers and tees, and keep your undergarments and socks in a balled up fashion to save space.

• Exhaust your weight allowances

Almost all the budget airlines let you take 20 kg of baggage, and the premium ones allow you to take 23 to 25kg. Golf bags usually weigh around 12 to 13 kg, so you have extra capacity to include the other essential items into it. Seersucker shirts and overcoats can be scrunched up when packing.

• Travel light

As experts suggest, it is always ideal to go light while packing for a long-distance golf trip. So, you should only take the essentials. It is ideal to favour clothes and accessories which can be worn both on and off the course i.e. golf street shoes.

• Consider weather forecast

Are you planning to golf in the rain? If so, you will need to pack waterproof gears and clothes to have the best experience. Having an understanding of the climate of the destination will surely help you out. You can even check out the local weather forecast to be prepared.

• Leave space for some light shopping on the trip

If you are planning to bring back some wine from your vacation, then it is essential to keep some bubble wrap or some soft clothing for cushioning. Also, consider what other purchases you plan to make and how you can accommodate the new items in your travel bags.

Above all, it is always ideal to get some advice from those who are experienced in golfing trips. If this is first golf vacation, doing some online research is also essential to get a proper insight about how to plan it appropriately for maximum enjoyment of the sport.

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