Maximize A Small Space

An area in the city, whether a condo for rent in BGC or a lavish apartment in Ortigas will always look small. Without the open patio and gated gardens, the dwelling looks cramped and stuffy. An interior revamp will transform a humble abode to a luxurious Casa in no time. Read on to find out how. Maximize A Small Space.

Maximize A Small Space

First, Organize.

It’s exciting to fill empty nooks with a bookcase, desk or floor shelves and fill them with an assortment of trinkets. Often, these trinkets have no purpose in the house and only contribute to clutter. The accumulating knickknacks would eventually require extra storage that would eat up a significant portion of a small rental. To solve this problem, invest in furniture with multiple purposes. An end table that transforms into mini bar or clothes hamper with a rack for hanging umbrellas, hats and other stuff saves plenty of space to work.

Bulky cabinets and drawers can hide the ugly and unappealing stuff in the apartment, but they also take away most of the floor space. Go for open storage. It is more attractive for studio type rentals where there are no dividers to separate the rooms.

A metal shelving unit looks sleek in the kitchen. Fill the shelves with a basketful of kitchen staples and tools for a home catalog worthy aesthetic.

Installing floating shelves in the rest of the rooms provides instant storage unit and wall decor without the commitment. The combination of collective mementos and an assortment of trinkets bring interest to bland walls. Floating shelves are also easy to install and remove.

Decorate without limits

The goal is to maximize the space of the rental. Condos have different structures and sizes, but space will always be limited. Do not shy away from embellishing each room just because of the minimal space. There are plenty of ways to bring life and personality in a modest space.

Use the power of color to your advantage.

White opens up a room and makes it less confined. White walls are also easy to work when mixing and matching prints. Used strategically, white can be utilized as an accent to bring out or highlight an item of furniture in the room. A dull bedroom is livelier with loud patterns and bright colors of the bedding.

A white wall is also the perfect canvas to place amassed art pieces. If nailing the wall isn’t an option, opt for adhesive Velcro. Dipping the frames and pictures in the paint makes for an exceptional gallery wall.

Furniture placement impacts the perspective of the room.

Moving the furniture away from the walls gives the room space to breathe and guests a chance to get around. The room will look more animated and have a light, airy feeling. A restricted dining area can be engaging with transparent chairs, a glass-top table, and proper lighting.

Maximize A Small Space

Reflective items like mirrors and pieces made of aluminum, steel, and silver help expand the place. Mirrors reflect light and when put in a crevice with natural light, bring light and animate the room.

Greet the guests.

Although minimalism is the ongoing trend in interior decorating, it doesn’t hurt to have art now and then. Choosing to paint the door with a unique color, a bold pattern and an outline decrease the need for additional decors around the apartment. It is also the easiest way to show off personality without sacrificing floor and wall space.

If all else fails

Don’t be discouraged. Some structures are easier to work with than others. Vintage buildings have quirky personality and charm, but it can be a challenge when decorating. Embrace the imperfection and shortcomings of the place for all it’s worth and find a way to work around it. Be creative to find a similar hue to the bathroom wall or contrast to the texture of a hardwood flooring. With patience and research, a one-bedroom condo can bring the same comfort of a cozy duplex.

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