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Sweden has got a new star on the betting scene., Sweden’s betting site is the new star on the betting arena, where focus is on deliver football, ice hockey and basket for the international games.

Daily betting tips

At, we believe that betting tips that lead to success requires a large engagement for the teams, the different sports and the leagues that we love. In combination with that, be able to write deep analysis and from there draw relevant conclusions from those. We feel like we’re ahead of everyone else on the Swedish betting scene today.

Our writers assign hours and hours to collect, analyze and deliver betting tips with the goal to serve our readers the best tips around and to get them the success they deserve.


Making informed decisions

Where ever you go, and what ever you do, making money is hard work. We know that making informed decisions on sports has a huge variety of factors involved in choosing the correct outcome. We truly want to help our users analyze all the facts that are involved in each and every match, and increase their knowledge regarding the sport and everything around it. With each insight the chances of winning increases, and we love it when our users win. It’s all part of the thrill. Both us and our users love these sports, the players and the teams, and we want to share and connect on that enthusiasm.

We primarily focus on football, basketball and ice-hockey at the moment. The football leagues we cover ranges a lot. Both continental competitions, European and otherwise, as well as all the major leagues, cups and championships. We also provide betting tips on the smaller leagues, as they as well provide great value and offer great chances of winning money as well. When it comes to Basketball we cover NBA and NCAAB at the moment, which we find extremely thrilling. We follow all 30 NBA teams team to the extent that we can, in their hunt for the playoffs. It provides great pleasure to offer basketball tips to our fans, because we really think it’s an amazing sport and are big fans ourselves. The NHL is our primary league of choice when it comes to ice-hockey, and we are providing betting tips throughout the whole season.

Swedish betting sites

Beyond delivering comprehensive betting tips, offers also a list of the most popular bettingsidor in Sweden, so that you can find a betting company that fits your needs. Betting sites separates each other a lot regarding how big bonus you can get and also the deposit.
The betting scene in Sweden has truly exploded and the amount of betting companies has done exactly the same. So we try to guide our users through the betting jungle by primarily giving them all the information they need on each site, which ones has our approval and which ones we prefer ourselves. It would be irresponsible on our behalf to give betting tips but not help our users find a trustworthy and reliable place to place those bets. Especially since each site offers something when you sign up, the decision you make in choosing your betting site can make a big difference. Therefore we provide analyzes for the betting companies as well as the actual sports bets.

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