Lottery and games in Sweden and Finland

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Selling lotteries, games or organizing lotteries can be a good source of income for the association. But theswedish game and lottery market is regulated. ”The Riksdag” has decided that only certain actors should be allowedin theswedish gaming and lottery market.


These are the folk movements, the horse sports and the state. The state through ”AB Svenska Spel”, the horse sport through ”ATG” and the folk movement mainly through Folkspel.


The principle is that the surplus from lotteries and games should be for public and public purposes. Since 2002, the swedish game actors have the right to use new technologies such as the Internet for the rendering of their lotteries.


Svenska Spel has permission for automated games and lotteries as well as betting on sports competitions. Svenska Spel has initiated a whole new form of sponsorship where Svenska Spel’s customers contribute and share a total of 50 million kronor per year to the country’s sports associations.


Folkspel can be explained as the association’s gaming company. Through folk games, the association can sell different types of well-known games and lotteries, such as Bingolotto and Swansea. Folkspel is owned by 75 national organizations and federations.

Win-chans – so big is the chase that you win on lotteries and lotteries


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Milionchanse: The chance to get seven is 1 in 201 736. (If you play 33.33 play fields of 3 kr, ie 100 kr)

High win: 34 percent of the total winnings win is paid to seven right. The amount of profit depends, therefore, on how many people played for that particular round and partly on how many winners there are with seven rights. If you are alone in having seven rights you get at least one million.

Win Chance: 1 in 55 (If you play a bet of 3 kr)

Profit ratio: 45%




Milionchanse: The chance to get seven is 1 in 1 000 000. (If you play 10 times at 10 kr, ie 100 kr)

High Winning: 40 percent of the total winnings win is paid to seven right, and that amount depends on how many players play that particular round.

Win Chance: 1 in 51 (If you play a game of 10 kr)

Profit ratio: 40%


Viking Lotto


Milionchanse: The chance to get six right is 1 at 490 860. (If you play 25 bet on 4 kr, ie 100 kr)

High gain: Winnings depend partly on how many people get sex right, and on how many game fields played that same round – 0.04 euros per participating game field goes to the profit of six right.

Win Chance: 1 out of 50 (If you play a game field of 4 kr)

Profit: 40%

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