Learn The New Features of WordPress 4.8 Version

By Yvonne

July 16, 2017 Technology No comments

If you are looking for the latest version of WordPress, 4.8 can provide you with all new features. You can easily update your version by downloading the 4.8 version of the dashboard of WordPress.
Let us discuss the latest features:
Boundaries of Links: The edit functions of links have become easier with the new feature known as the Link Boundaries. Without inserting the links, again and again, new texts can be included with the anchor texts that already exist. Learn The New Features of WordPress 4.8 Version.

Learn The New Features of WordPress 4.8 Version

Support removal of files like WMA and WMV: WordPress used to support audio and video files like, WMV and WMA. But, in this new version, this support has been removed. Though the plugin named Silverlight will not be embedded, it will be visible as a link for downloading.

Learn The New Features of WordPress 4.8 Version
Widget Features: In this latest version of WordPress, you will notice various widget related features like:
• Add Audio: With the help of the widget settings, the audio from the library of media can be converted to a widget.
• Add Rich Text: The editing functionalities can now help to include rich texts, within the text widgets. The users who are not at all familiar with the HTML codes can use the basic functions of formatting through the text widgets.
• Add Images: Without using any codes, images can now be easily included within the widget. The widget settings can be easily formatted with the inclusion of new images. You just need to use a plugin or write the HTML codes. You can just choose the image from the library or can directly upload from the widget itself.
• Add Videos: With the new video widget, you can convert the videos right from your media library into the widget located in the sidebar. To know more about the process of adding the widgets, you can visit lasvegaswebdesignco.com. With the help of the video widget, you can upload the videos from the sidebar. The videos from Vimeo, oEmbed or YouTube can also be easily visible. The video providers can help you in choosing your videos in an easy process. You just require clicking the button ‘Select Video’ from the widget and then click the link ‘Insert from Url.’ You can add your preferred video and click on the button ‘Add to widget.’ The preview of the thumbnail view can be displayed instead of the popup of the media uploader.
Dashboard Widget for News and Events: This particular widget will be displayed on the page of the dashboard and will include the data about the events and the news near your location. The older version of the news widget of the WordPress has been replaced by this newer version, which includes both the events and the news.
Though the improvements are essential in the new version of WordPress, they are basically focused on the developers. In this new version, the name of the user will be clearly displayed on the user’s screen.Learn The New Features of WordPress 4.8 Version.

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