LawyerAlawyeris an individual who studies law and is a representative of people. Advocacy requires time to be competent at. A legal practitioner must have analytical skills and judicial research.

Their authorities depend upon country. In many countries, there is a rule to have law-trained persons as jurists instead of lawyers. Some of them are advocates too. England is called the mother of law jurisdictions. In countries where legal professions are intermingled, a legal practitioner has many responsibilities. Drafting of court papers, client counselling, outlining contracts and protecting people’s property are their major responsibilities.

They first write issues of people and then orally argue on them. They have to do a fair amount of investigation before preparing for verbal argument.

In few countries clerk fill out court forms and papers for people who cannot afford. ss


Their most important work is to manage association with clients. It develops when lawyer starts meeting them personally, listen to their wants and then shapes the client’s expectations and tell them about fees.

There  are few legal practitioners who can be seen inside of court while many spend their time in researching and counselling of clients


Many lawyers do work alone while many work as part of larger team. Sometimes government hire them for work on cases. Some private agencies also hire them to research. Every large business needs a legal adviser. For example, if they are working in medicinal company, they might be involved in determining the legal feasibility of particular actions.

They can work anywhere. They fit in all settings.


In countries where professions are intermingle, lawyers have many options over the course of their career. They can become a prosecutor, government counsel, administrative law judge, judge and law professor. There are other jobs too that are not related to law but can be done by them as they can become politician, investment banker, entrepreneur and journalist. Some people with law degree don’t do practice but they use their degree as a base in other fields.

Law in different countries

The major difference between many countries is that, in some countries legal executives are regulated solely by an independent judiciary and in some countries they are subjected to supervision.

Legal representatives are expected to be first and foremost to serve the state. That’s why in most civil law countries government control over the legal profession.

Essential tools

Dropbox, Evernote, skype and square are the most widely used tools. They cannot work without them.

Working hours

Many people think that legal practitioners spend luxurious life but reality is different. They do a fair amount of work which they manage in offices, law libraries and courtrooms. They do their daily duty. Their working hours are not fixed but an experienced and competent person can determine that how many hours may need to be invested in a given case.

In short, a lawyeris one who serves state as well as people of his country and do an exorbitantly hardwork for this.

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