Laken Thermo Classic Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

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Laken’sThermo classic vacuum insulated Wide Mouth water bottle is able tosave your favorite iced beverageschilly for about 24 hours as well as your hot drinkswarm for around 12.These water bottles come with a double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel structure. This bottle presents extraordinaryfunctioning vacuum insulation.

It features aclassic layout, together with exterior threading meant foreasy pouring as well as drinking. Itsextensive screw-on lid comes with a lively handle designed forcomfortable unwrapping and securing. It comes with a water holding capability of 17 ounce or 500ml.This water bottle is assembled withsupreme grade 18/8 food mark stainless steel.This isactuallyoutstandinginpreserving hot beverages hot as well as cold juices icy for extendedepisodes of time.Its excellent stainless steel insideconfirms that equally foods plusbeverage uphold their freshness as well asnormal tastes. These bottles are not affected by anyflavoras well asodor.

best insulated water bottle



  • Keeps the temperature of hot drinks up to twelve hours
  • Maintains the temperature of cold beverages  for up to 24 hours
  • It is assembled with food grade 18/8 stainless steel and not any kind oflining isrequired
  • It Features a 100 per cent food grade stainless inside
  • This bottle offers excellent qualityfunctioning vacuum insulation
  • It is sweat and condensation proofas this is nicely insulated
  • In case you haveice-cold or else hot fluidswithin yourbottle, itsinteriorheatcannot change the outside temperature so your hands are free from the risk of getting burned
  • This is free from all kinds of harmful chemicals
  • This water bottle is unable torememberotherwisepass on any kind of flavors
  • Comes with a close-fittingclosing
  • This is Refillableas well as recyclable
  • Its outsidecomes with harmless food standard powder covering
  • Features wide neck together with outside threading
  • Comes in threeAvailable sizes 12, 17 and 25 oz., extensiveor elseconstricted neck, Fourkinds of lids


Product Description:

Superior Quality

It is a long-lastingwaterbottlemeant foreasy to severe actions. This is found in various sizes, particularly 12, 17, 25 and 34 ounces.As a result you are able topick outexactly how much water you requirefor an entire day. This bottle isable tomaintain hot as well as cold beverages for your suitability and able tohold the temperature for longer time.


This is formulated from food grade 18/8 stainless steel that renders it verylong-lastingand this is even able toendureforces and drops. Not any condensation may appear on the surface of it, even though ice chops are inserted into the bottle, since it has actual insulation properties.

Versatile applications

Anyone can use this bottle. Individualswho are deprived of thetrouble-free access to fresh water, for example the hikers, are as wellsuggested to make use of this water bottle for easy rehydration.


This best insulated water bottle is free fromBisphinol A, phthalates, lead, otherwise any other chemicals compounds which might causeinjuryto the consumer. The insideof this water bottle cannot holdany flavors otherwise scents. Its lidmight be closedfirmly for safetyover and above to preserve the heat of the drink. This isparticularlybeneficial for carbonated beverages.


This water bottle comes with the following capacities: 12 ounce or 350ml, 17 ounce or 500ml, 25 ounce or 750ml, and 34 ounce or 1,000ml. The Laken Classic Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle comes with a characteristicextensive neck meant forcomfort of entranceon top ofcausingfill upsimple.

BikingThis is appropriate for anycircumstanceslike:

    • Office plus working area
    • Daily usage
    • Mountaineering
    • Camping
    • Jogging
    • Traveling


Consumer Review:This water bottle is rated 4.5 out of 5 by its users.

Purchaser Reviews:

A customer said that the MIRA insulated water bottle is just the thing that he was in search of. He saidthe cap of this Lanken water bottle attaches on properlyas well asits wide-opening is just right for smoothies.

Another user said that he has tried a lot of insulated water bottles. However this one is hismost wanted water bottle. He got the green color 34 ounce and this is impressive. This water bottle isbig plusextraconstrictedcompared to maximumof water bottles. As a resultthismightinstallat certain cup containers. Heutilizes this one just for icy-cold drinks. This bottlekeeps very much! Hisformer 2 insulated water bottles had capacity.Itsmouth is simply the accuratemass for intake. He alsoadmitted that its lidis firmercompared to the capof many well-known insulated water bottle brands. Its powder coveringsenses splendid when hold. He adores this bottle very much and also said that their client service is superb.


According to a user it is the finest water bottle that she ever had. This is a wonderful vacuum insulated water bottle. Sheoccupied this with ice plus water one day and the following morning this was yet cold and got ice inside this!


A customer mentioned that hewishes for the biggest insulated water bottle which wouldinstall easilyat the cup container of his car. This water bottle isextremely long-lastingas well ashelpedhim well as far as this. He justasked for a twist-top straw capin order to cause thiscooler for undoing and drinkingeven though driving. At the present it is the flawlesswater bottle for him.



This is a splendid vacuum insulated water bottle for your day-to-day doings. This is perfect for everyone. This is particularly recommended for individuals who like biking, hiking, camping, jogging, traveling, etc.

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