The knowledge package about Principal Chad Smith

Who is principal Chad Smith?

Principal Chad Smith is an educator who is in support of well-rounded, technologically and innovative methods in all the schools to boost up the confidence of students. He has a passionate mind, and he wants to change the education level to produce the best and fruitful results. Chad’s ultimate experience in the education methods from the stem teaching to the co-curricular development and extracurricular activities that give invaluable expertise to the particular school system.

He is making the life of students easier by providing them the new means of the education system. He got the first degree of Bachelor of Science in regional and urban planning from the famous University of Utah, and then he got Masters in planning from the University of Southern California.

His experience and past life:

Principal Chad Smith spent his amazing seven years after the Master’s in numerous industries for gaining the experience and increasing his skills. He got international recognization by preparing projects of economic development in Vietnam, Hanoi, Guangzhou, and China. After that, he worked in telecommunication and after the successful experience founded his one and only own consulting firm. His company focused on entitlement, acquisition, PCS, construction of cellular and last one is, digital communication network sites.

After that, principal Chad Smith continued on the entrepreneurship paths by constructing a company/firm that afterward owned many several gas stations. His final year business project before the education was in the role of vice president of the small bank in that particular town.

From 2007 to 2012, the outstanding principal Chad Smith serves as in the position of Assistant Principal of the Tustin High School. The essential roles on his head in that school was, overseeing all the athletics and the particular student activities. He is also did oversaw of curriculum, instruction course development, and student discipline affairs.

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