Is LinkedIn A New CRM Tool?

Microsoft and Salesforce are two strong leaders in the customer relationship management (CRM) solutions industry. Both of these have their share of customers who trust the offerings and employ their solutions to enhance the business. Both Microsoft and Salesforce offers solutions that try to outdo what the other one is offering so as to get a competitive edge.

To outperform in this direction, Microsoft has stepped forward to integrate information from LinkedIn and make you leverage the opportunity. This blog will provide all the information that you need as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company to make the most out of the LinkedIn offerings.

New CRM Tool

What, When, and How ?

The offering is called LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Team Edition which will be available from the 1st of July. This solution will be able to scan the LinkedIn database and generate leads for you. Further, you can contact these leads via LinkedIn and build relations effortlessly.

To avail the benefits of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Team Edition, you would be required to pay a little less than $150. You can expect a discount if you are Microsoft CRM solution user. While you might have to wait a little to get the benefits, you would have to applaud for the team that made this happen. It is undoubtedly a creative solution which will offer commercial benefits.

A Brief History

One of the hottest commerce news of 2016 was Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn. In a strategic move, Microsoft spent $26 billion while others like Salesforce were also planning to make a quote. If the news is to be believed, Microsoft payed cash to hasten the deal and prevent any unwarranted situation.

Immediately after the acquisition, experts starting speculating on how LinkedIn acquisition can add value to the Microsoft products and some experts rightly pointed to the use of user data and integration with existing Microsoft products like outlook, Skype, etc.

A Planned Future or Unplanned Step?

The deal between LinkedIn and Microsoft invited a lot of attention. Some people opined that this was a sheer waste of money while others contradicted with the argument that LinkedIn users continuously update information and build networks which can benefit Microsoft in different business aspects.

The move of launching LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Team Edition has been welcomed by every Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company because almost all popular business organizations maintain a LinkedIn page which they continuously use to share insights, post jobs, etc. More than often companies do not make these updates on their website. This information make LinkedIn a favorable choice in terms of professional information.

A solid review of the LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Team Edition will only be available after July because that is the time by when users who have spent considerable time with the solution and experienced it in and out. The advantages of using LinkedIn will be available in form of data that can evaluate the success and failure. Let us know what you think of the new LinkedIn tool and what are your expectations from it. Also, share whether you would use in or not? If yes, what motivates you and if no, what limits you?

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