Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Rising Bollards Systems

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Hydraulic bollards are especially used for high security vehicle entrances and for a location. They can be installed as a single unit as well as in groups. Bollards are driven hydraulically and the hydraulic drive unit is placed in an installation cabinet close to the bollards. In case of power failure bollards can be lowered manually. With the help of plc/microprocessor controlled electronics, raise/lower function can be achieved by every kind of card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off switch or key switch etc. Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Rising Bollards Systems.

Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Rising Bollards Systems

Now a days security is the more important factor which is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our environment, from car parks and public facilities to pedestrian zones and residential area.

Supply & installation of automatic rising bollards automatic rising bollards is possible up to 6 meters long and sliding barriers of up to 20m long.

Automatic barriers have a long aluminum beam (usually red and white) which is hinged on a totem which contains the motor and control equipment.
When access has been requested the barrier rises up to allow access to the vehicle.

Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Rising Bollards Systems


There are different typed of barriers to suit different applications.
High speed, heavy duty to control the flow of traffic through a motorway toll.

Slower speed and less intensive duty equipment is less expensive and more suitable to lighter duty applications where low traffic volumes are involved.

In public spaces – barriers and gateways can be intrusive, implying closure and containment but at times offering inadequate resistance to the very determined.

Bollard systems however, combine strength with discretion, creating an open and secure environment and sending the right message to the right people.

Installation and maintenance

Rising bollards are mechanical devices that require proper planning, installation and maintenance to ensure long-term functionality.
Retractable bollards require adequate drainage to ensure standing water does not accumulate within receivers. Extended exposure to standing water may cause corrosion, which can compromise surface finishes and/or functional operations. At freezing temperatures, pooled moisture will ice and prevent bollards from retracting or extending. For specific locations, consult an engineer to identify suitable drainage requirements.


Automatic Rising bollards require regular cleaning and maintenance (as site conditions require) to ensure long-term functionality. Bollards can be removed and disassembled without removing receivers from ground surfaces.

Quick access control

Retractable bollards feature sleek access controlAccess control to manually telescope bollards up and down. Extended bollards provide clear visual barriers to restrict vehicle access, while allowing short- or long-term passage when lowered. Select models can be secured in both raised and lowered positions with a single key-locking mechanism.

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