Indian Dramas and Shows on Pakistani Channels

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Most Pakistanis still remember the old days when there was only one TV channel operating in Pakistan. Yes, we are referring to PTV (Pakistan Television) which has been in Pakistani government’s control. PTV represented Pakistani government and showed ‘clean content’ only. The freedom of expression was suppressed in those days. Later on, STN (Shalimar Television Network) entered into arena. It challenged the monopoly of PTV in Pakistan. PTV’s viewership started to divide. The competition did not last for long. PTV bought STN and re-established its monopoly. Indian content was totally banned on PTV. Later on, several private channels started operating in Pakistan. Geo Kahani, Zindagi, Filmazia and Urdu1 are among these private channels. Such channels broadcast foreign content translated into Urdu language. Initially, Turkish dramas Ishq-e-Mamnu, Fatima Gul and Mera Sultan were dubbed and aired. These serials were instant hit in Pakistan. They opened the door for foreign TV dramas and show for Pakistani audience. Gradually, private TV channels started showing Indian content. Sass BhiKabhiBahuThi was among first few Indian dramas aired in Pakistan. Currently, there are many Indian TV dramas and shows are being aired on Pakistani channels. Here, We shall discuss a few of these Indian Programs. Story of Naagin

Comedy Nights With Kapil

The show is hosted by Indian comedian Kapil Sharma. Celebrities have been appearing on the show to promote their ventures. Kapil runs the show with his permanent guests such as Navjok Singh Sidhu, Upasana Singh, Roshni Chopra and ChandranPrabhakar etc. Several Indian and Pakistani celebrities have appeared on this show. Shahrukh Khan, ArshadWarsi, ShwetaTiwari, KarishmaTanna, WasimAkram, AtifAslam, Shakeel and Humaima Malik are among these celebrities. In Pakistan, It is broadcasted by ARY Zindagi.

Naagin Drama 

Naagin features Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, SudhaChandran and ArjunBijlani. Mouni is the female lead character Shivanya. Arjun plays male lead role as Rithik. Adaa and Sudha perform in supporting roles as Sesha and Yamini. Shivanya and Sesha are naagins who can transform themselves into human bodies. Yamini and Seshaplays negative roles. Naagin’s story is full of intense emotions of love and vengeance. Story of Naagin is very interesting with full of twists. The drama is being aired on Filmazia in Pakistan. Filmazia is a Pakistani showbiz channel with particular focus on Lollywood.


It is a popular Indian TV soap opera produced by Balaji Telefilms. KumkumBhagya follows the life of SarlaArora. Sarla lives with her two daughters and runs a wedding hall. Her daughters (Bulbul and Pragya) are unmarried and she hopes to see them happily married. Geo Kahani televises the serial in Pakistan.

BhabiJiGhar Par Hai! 

The comedy series revolves around two couples living as neighbors. ManmohandTiwari is a businessman married to Angoori. Vibhuti Narayan Mishra is unemployed marrid to Anita. Tiwari likes Anita while Vibhu adores Angoori. Tiwari and Vibhuti keep devising plans to impress each other’s wives. Their competition creates funny situation. The series is being aired on ARY Zindagi in Pakistan.


The serial follows the story of Ishita and Raman. They love each other. Ishita is Tamil while Raman is Punjabi. Ishita is unable to bear children. She gets emotionally attached to Raman’s daughter Ruhi from previous marriage. Ishita and Raman get married and start a new life. The serial was rated high in India. Pakistani channel Urdu1 is televising the serial for Pakistani audience.

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