Important Ways to Make Money with Sports Betting

By BonnieLeggo

May 7, 2017 Games No comments

Proliferan by the network, and in the mouth of many fans, tricks, methods and strategies to make money with sports bets. Many of them even come up with systems to make money in a continuous and systematic way, drawing the newcomers to the world an idyllic paradise of unlimited profits.

We feel that this ideal world does not exist.

Winning a bookmaker in the long run is an arduous and difficult task, in which most bettors are doomed to fail. The individual bettor faces companies with huge Earn Money Sports Betting sidor bids dedicated to research and technology. There is no news that moves in the world of sports that do not know, or data or statistics that does not appear in its powerful information servers before it reaches the public. Their technological level reaches the point that goals scored live are usually updated on their website before they are even singed by the television broadcaster. The odds they offer are calculated with a powerful mathematical and probabilistic arsenal behind which the spread or spread of the bookmaker is added. Bettors not only face statistics, but participate in a game that is not zero-sum, but unfavorable odds on average. The benefits of bookmakers at the end of the year come precisely from the losses of the great mass of bettors. And these benefits are certainly substantial.

However, there is a minority of individual bettors who make money on an ongoing and sustained basis over time. Even, it allows them to live off their bets and dedicate themselves professionally to it.

How is it possible?

There are three basic gaps through which we can be part of that minority that earns money through betting. Is not this contradictory to the above? No. That no one is called a hoax, the bookmaker can not be defeated systematically and in the long term. But the rest of the bettors, yes. These three methods are simple and known by real professionals, who use them successfully in their operations. And they are the only ones with whom we can establish strategies of entry and exit of our profitable bets in the long term.

Let’s see, then, the three ways to ally with bookmakers and profit from it.

Method 1: Directional Betting

Brujula – Directional or Value BettingDirect betting consists simply of betting on a result. Behind the underlying mechanism of the bets: we put money in favor of a certain team, if I win I take it multiplied by the quota, if not, I lose. We play, then, simply against the probability of the result, something that the bookmakers handle to the perfection.

Does it make economic sense to bet this way?

Yes, in a single situation: when the implicit probability of the odds offered by the bookmaker is less than the actual probability that the result will happen. In this case, it is said that the bet has value.

With an example, imagine a football match: Real Sociedad РReal Betis Balompié. Assume that the odds for the victory of the Royal Society are 2. This means that the probability that the bookmaker assigns to this result is 50%. Therefore, it only makes sense to bet if the real probability that the Real beats Betis is more than 50%.

This is not a frequent situation, but rather the opposite. As we explained earlier, bookmakers have huge human and technical means, so they handle statistics and probability better than anyone else. However, sometimes it happens that the bookmaker is forced to move the quotas out of what the statistics mark them, and that situation can create precisely the wrong estimates of the mass of bettors. If a large part of the money is concentrated in certain results, it is very common for the bookmaker to modify the quotas of the complementary results to make them more attractive to other bettors and to balance their risk, thus providing a long-term earning opportunity .

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