How to Unblock your Kitchen Sink Drain?

Yesterday morning I was cleaning kitchen right after the breakfast suddenly I observed water in the sink is slowly moving through drain pipes and at last,water was disgorging from the sink. I tried randomly to clear out through various ways then I thought maybe Blocked Drains in Stockport are not easy to handle by yourself and this fact made me laughing out loud.

The sink is the most usable part of your kitchen which you have to use for dishwashing, meal preparation,and for other random tasks. So various clogs can affect its working. Obviously various food particles and grease stains cause of its stoppage. Sometimes water blows out from the sink and makes your kitchen dirty too so there is only least option that you should stop using it unless it has been unclogged. In this article, I am going to let you know how to unblock your sink drain in few minutes without wasting time like I spent to figure out its actual origin. So it’s better to fix this for long term purposes. I am suggesting you some of the following methods which will ease your task.


  • Using right Plunger:

You can use the plunger to clear out the drain pipes. You have to know how to utilize this in a correct manner. Inserting plunger in kitchen sink will be an effective approach of releasing blockage. It is a handy tool for draining purpose you can use it for thevarious purpose for unblocking the gutter pipe. For kitchen purpose, you just have to push out plunger in thesink to remove debris and various food particles which have blocked the pipe.

  • Opening P-trap:

Various homes having P-trap installed for plumbing stuffs under the kitchen and washrooms sinks. P-trap is to eliminate the risk of formation of sewer gasses into your home. If plunger wasn’t effective for you, then you can open P-trap. Through its unlocking, you will get direct access to actual choke, and you can remove out whole debris and grease. Clearing out blockage through trap will save your time from nearly. But in case if you didn’t find out any blockage then the problem is not here you have to look down for figuring out its genuine location.

  • Spiral Snake:

When all efforts went into the vein, then next approach will be of clearing out blockage through plumbing snake. You will push into the clog, and it will part the blockage, and it will be easily flushed down through pipes. Avoid your sink shouldn’t be damage. Do it very carefully. Some snakes are being used as an addition to kinetic drills. Such drills are not easily available at home so you may hire for few hours from Drain Repairs Company in Manchester, Liverpool , Birmingham or anywhere such businesses are existing they will give you such tools on rent as well.


  • Drain Cleaner Chemical:

You should adopt this approach on adaily basis because if you are detecting that water is slowly running down then primarily should be of thespecific brand for cleaning drain. It will remove debris and food particles easily rather than forming a blockage which may not be easy for you to handle. So such chemicals will assist you to clean out your drains regularly.


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