How To Stop Being Tired At Home Mom – 17 Tips For Housewives

Even if you are just staying at home, you can still sometimes feel tired. To fight tiredness felt at home, here are some of the tips that you can follow.


  1. Take a nap. Quick short power naps are effective in regaining energy. For only 20 to 30 minutes, you can feel energetic again. Napping will make you more alert. However, remember not to nap too long because it may disrupt your circadian cycle. You may find it difficult to sleep at night if you take a nap for an hour or so.

 How To Stop Being Tired At Home Mom


  1. Clean the house. You can also do some small and simple chores if you want. When you are feeling tired at home, sometimes what you just need is something to perk you up.

Sweeping the floor or doing laundry with a smelling detergent can bring back your energy and motivation. So move around! Do not just sit still because you will feel more tired.


  1. Exercise your brain. People feel particularly tried during siesta time. It is sometimes caused by boredom because you are not doing anything and you do not want to do physical things because you have just eaten. In this case, what you can do is to have some mind exercises such as solving a puzzle. You can also read a book or the news to keep yourself alert.


  1. Sit and relax. Maybe you are thinking about too many things such as how to plan your budget or some issues about child rearing. Relax your mind. If you keep worrying all the time, you will really feel exhausted. Therefore, take some time to clear your mind by visiting mommy blogs.

A few minutes of meditation or a really good bath will help you get away from your worries for a couple of hours. After that, you will realize that it is easier to think of plans and solutions because your composure has returned.


  1. Go out and take a short walk. Go ahead and walk around your neighborhood when you feel tired. Breathing fresh air and enjoying the natural sceneries are great ways to stop being tried. The sun can also help you in staying awake and active.


  1. Invite a friend over. Inviting friends over the house can help you in releasing tiredness as well. Chatting and relaxing with people dear to you really helps in alleviating all the exhaustion that you have felt for the whole day. If you cannot invite friends over, you can just give them a call. Hearing updates from friends and family makes people happy and helps in bringing back energy.


  1. Have a pet and play with it. Have you ever heard people saying that owning a pet is therapeutic? They are right. Pets have wonders in them. They help you feel like you have company. They are cute and they are fun to be with as well. Playing with pets can release stress that causes your tiredness.


  1. Time Out: Yes you do need that and you know it! But when can you squeeze that break when you have to cook, clean, run errands, spend time with your kids, bathe them, read them a story, and last but not least take care of your own hygiene, and – yes- get some sleep! And we forgot to mention your love life. So, in general, your day is similar to a crazy journey at a kids’ fair.

Time Out! Cancel one of your tasks and take time off: you can read a little, have a cup of coffee or just lay down idly watching television or thinking blank. It doesn’t matter how you spend your break but it is important to have a small time during the day to breathe and relax.


  1. Plan an outing: Once a week get a babysitter and get out from that crazy mansion. You could plan a day out with your significant other, lunch with your friends or just a lonely outing to run away from your troubles. Details don’t matter, what is important is for you to have the chance, once a week, to relax from running after the kids all day and have a day for yourself.


  1. Start a home based business to make a little extra money. Who doesn’t need extra money? There are plenty of home based business ideas out there. When looking for one, keep in mind how much effort, time and energy you want to put into this business. Wouldn’t it be great to make extra income and contribute financially to the household?


  1. Meditate. Because we get so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, we lose focus on ourselves. Meditate for that peace of mind. It also lowers stress levels and reenergizes you physically and emotionally.


  1. Be thankful for what you have – big or small; always count your blessings. Our lives become so routine and busy that we forget to be thankful. Be thankful for all the people and things in your life from the air we breathe, to our wonderful family, to the home in which you live.


  1. Consider using the internet as your ” highway to success” for promoting any business venture you have in mind; as it is the new global shopping center for the modern-day, entrepreneurial minded, stay at home mom.


  1. Find a reputable online school with expert coaches and mentors who will facilitate your dream to become a stay at home mom. Study their habits, tactics, strategy’s, and mindset as you set up your plan of action to emulate their success.


  1. Find your niche, (which basically means people you relate to) for marketing whatever idea or product you have in mind. For instance: I have spent my entire adult life being a single mom looking for ways to balance being a “breadwinner and a nurturer,” so I relate well to the stay at home moms in the world.

On the other hand, my wonderful coach and mentor, Josh Valentine, relates to the people in the corporate, franchise arena. Therefore, he targets his marketing efforts towards that demographic.


  1. Once you have found your niche and set up your PLAN OF ACTION, commit to at least two or three hours a day consistently working your plan. It needs to be a consistent effort; it cannot be “hit and miss,” or you will lose your ability to realize your dream.

It is a proven fact that people who are consistent in working a goal (even if they are slow at picking up new concepts) will succeed at a greater rate than a person who demonstrates a sporadic or leisure effort.


  1. Tap into any free training in the field of your choice, or niche. There is a myriad of free training sites on the Internet and resource materials to expedite your learning curve. If you are a visual learner, you can find many quality Video’s with-in your niche. If you are an audio learner they have many options for CD’s, and downloads that will enhance your learning process.

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